Bad Energy Policy Kills

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

The more cheap, reliable energy a country has, the better off the people of that country are. But, what of the really energy poor people around the world? Do they choose to be energy poor?

Worldwide, over 1.25 Billion people have zero electricity. And, an additional 2.5+ Billion have only

partial access to electricity. Many of these people live in mud huts and burn dung for cooking.

Electricity Poverty

Many governments want to get their people out of energy poverty, and they have applied to the World Bank and other international agencies for loans to build coal fired electric power plants. They want to provide the benefits of cheap, reliable energy for their people, but they continue to be turned down.

The World Bank et al is heavily influenced (controlled) by the US and its European allies, and since the US (et al) energy policy is controlled by the Green agenda, fossil fueled electricity generation projects are rejected immediately by the World Bank.

Now, if you’re living with zero (or minimal) electricity, you are more than just poor. You also are living without basic water treatment (little or no potable drinking water), without modern refrigeration, without decent medical care, and so on. You’re cooking with dung and inhaling all the soot and other bad stuff in the smoke.

You’re dying young, and your children may not live long enough to lose their baby teeth. Keeping people poor is not good foreign policy.

Action Item: Get the Greens’ anti-energy, anti-people dogma out of US government policy. Repeal the EPA and the rules and laws which destroy economic prosperity through the mindless war on all energy sources except windmills and solar arrays.

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