Climate Models are Lousy

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg  By Bob Shapiro

The federal government spent $22 Billion in 2013 ($165 Billion cumulative total) on global warming research grants, subsidies, junkets, etc. Global warming alarmism is being used to justify an anti-energy policy which is hurting all Americans, especially the poor.

The Models are the centerpiece that all the Alarmists point to, to “prove” that their vision of the end of the world is coming, are hopelessly lousy.

As Christopher Monckton reports, global average temperature has not gone up for 18 years, while the models predicted continuous rises.

No Warming 18 years

Models vs Actual Temps

And Dr. Tim Ball describes why it is impossible for the models to work.

In future posts, we’ll discuss more reasons why CAGW Alarmism is wrong. Killing this myth will go a long way toward moving our government away from its Anti-Energy policies.


Update: List of excuses for ‘The Pause’ in global warming.



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