The Thermostat Hypothesis

CAGW Alarmists have jumped to the conclusion that CO2 is the culprit in global warming without even considering various natural processes.

During the last million years or so, through warm inter-glacial periods and Mini Ice Ages, global temperatures have varied by only about 10 degrees Celsius. During the current inter-glacial, the Holocene, global temperatures have been restricted, up and down, by half that.

Considering that outer space is 300 degrees colder, and the sun is thousands of degrees warmer, such a narrow band of average global temperatures here on earth is amazing!

Here is a wonderful explanation of how one natural process works to do this.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Essay by Willis Eschenbach



The Thermostat Hypothesis is that tropical clouds and thunderstorms actively regulate the temperature of the earth. This keeps the earth at a equilibrium temperature.

Several kinds of evidence are presented to establish and elucidate the Thermostat Hypothesis – historical temperature stability of the Earth, theoretical considerations, satellite photos, and a description of the equilibrium mechanism.

Historical Stability

The stability of the earth’s temperature over time has been a long-standing climatological puzzle. The globe has maintained a temperature of ± ~ 3% (including ice ages) for at least the last half a billion years during which we can estimate the temperature. During the Holocene, temperatures have not varied by ±1%. And during the ice ages, the temperature was generally similarly stable as well.

In contrast to Earth’s temperature stability, solar physics has long indicated (Gough, 1981; Bahcall et al., 2001) that 4 billion years ago…

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