Middle East Policy

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

I had occasion a while back to compare the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and our other involvement in the middle east, with the Vietnam era.

  • Both wars cost our country a fortune, both in our riches consumed by the efforts and the loss of life, limbs, psyche, and American soldiers’ time.
  • In both wars, there were corrupt governments which we kept in power. Before we left we knew that when we left, it was a choice between the regime’s collapse or it going over to “the Dark Side.”

  • Both wars featured enemies and friends who we couldn’t tell apart.
  • Both wars appeared to go on and on and on.
  • In both wars, our brave men and women went above and beyond what we asked them to do. We have to love them for their devotion to duty under hellish conditions. We owe them a duty for us to do a better job of deciding when it’s needed for them to do it again.

One big difference is that today, there still is a large segment of Americans willing to be macho with other people’s lives. What appears to be missing is any kind of organized anti-war movement.

It’s very easy to take the path of least resistance – if war is what more voters want, then let it be war. But, to act this way violates the duty that we owe to our troops.

The fact is, whether Shia or Sunni, the bulk of Islamic arabs in the middle east hate us, are trained by their imams to hate us, and think of anyone but their own as infidels. Yes, there likely are many who want to be free from religious fanaticism and oppression, but it appears impossible to tell who’s who.

The different subgroups likely will be killing somebody for the next 100 years. Short of wiping them all out, if we’re in their country – fighting with them or against them – they’re going to kill us, both there and in terrorist raids here at home.

This does not mean we would abandon our only true friend in the middle east – Israel. But helping Israel doesn’t have to mean hurting America, and that is what we’re doing by continuing to war against these lunatics.

And, let us not forget that the main reason we’re over there at all is oil. But, the US private, productive sector of the Economy has continued to innovate, providing us with more oil than in Saudi Arabia, despite our government’s war on energy.

We don’t need to kill the moslems to protect Israel, we don’t need to kill arabs to get their oil, and the Petrodollar regime will end no matter what the US does. It’s time for the US government policy to be in sync with reality.

Action Item: The US needs to remove itself from the Islamic lunacy now playing out in the middle east.

  • The US should end all ground activities in middle east war zones
  • The US may continue to support our ally, Israel, but not by fighting its battles on the ground
  • If we are provoked – as with terrorist attacks here in the US – where our government feels the need to fight, we should use Operation Gomorrah (July 1943) in Hamburg, Germany as a model, completely obliterating an area – buildings and people – leaving nothing behind. Make warring against the US too painful for our enemies, and they won’t.

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