Not Another Liberal Republican

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

I read a piece which gives a very unflattering picture of Jeb Bush as little more than a catch-up version of Obama and Hillary Clinton. He calls for the Republicans to stop putting up “me too” candidates and actually offer American voters a choice on policy.

The possibility of a Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, or other liberal Republican being put up – again – as the party standard bearer in 2016, dismays

me as well. While I lean toward Rand Paul, there are other Fiscal Conservatives I’d be happy to vote for. But give me a choice, dammit!

–Bob Shapiro


(Re-Blogged from Michael Hurd, writing in Capitalism Magazine, Jeb Bush Shows Why Republicans Are Still the “Stupid Party”)

If you wonder why things won’t change whether Republicans (as we know them) or Democrats are in charge, consider the following, quoted from Associated Press and (on 11-20-14):

Responding to a national backlash over Common Core education standards, potential 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Thursday that the set of state benchmarks should be “the new minimum” for America’s classrooms.

For those states choosing a path other than Common Core, I say this: Aim even higher, be bolder, raise standards and ask more of our students and the system,” Bush said.

In the very same news story, you’ll find the following:

On Thursday, Bush extended an olive branch as he preached a conservative message of limited government, saying states and local communities should have the flexibility to design their own programs with federal dollars.

Bush is saying two completely contradictory things.



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