Global Warming – Natural or CO2?

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

One of the focal points of Global Warming alarmism is the shrinking of polar ice. Since melted ice causes ocean levels to rise, they predict that tens of millions of people worldwide are in danger of being flooded out of their homes in years to come.

Since they blame CO2 for rising global temperatures, they want to shut down world use of fossil fuels, even though modern civilization depends on plentiful, affordable energy, which cannot be supplied by windmills and solar arrays.

The CAGW Alarmists concentrate exclusively on the dangers of CO2. This one statement is perhaps the most important concept in this whole debate! This is because it is impossible to know how much, if any, effect comes from CO2 unless you fully know the extent of natural variation.

Once you know what the ups and downs of natural variation are, then – and only then – can you determine if the current fluctuation is unusual. Natural variation is the default. Everyone knows it happens. But, current climate science specifically excludes consideration of natural variation.

So, even though we don’t know everything, what do we know about natural variation? The evidence indicates that current fluctuations are well within these natural variations – the current warm spell and the cold 70s are nothing special.


I just viewed a video examining the record of glacier buildup and retreat, including Mt Kilimanjaro, Glacier National Park, the Alps, Greenland, and Antarctica. It’s about 22 minutes, and does a good job of looking at the historical record, including explanations of the fluctuations of ice cycles.

Please read: “Vanishing Ice Most Likely All Natural” and view the video.

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