Supreme Court Could Alter Obamacare & EPA

Re-Blogged From – By Larry Bell

Two high court rulings this year may potentially alter the paths of Obamacare and EPA regulatory authority in significant ways.

Early this year, most likely in March, the court will hear arguments on whether or not the Obama Administration has legal authority to grant tax subsidies through health insurance exchanges established by the federal government….

Obama’s signature war on coal will also face an important high court battle, where the outcome could influence the EPA’s ability to push forward on other regulatory agendas as well.

Somewhat surprisingly to many, the Supreme Court has accepted several challenges brought by the utility industry and a coalition of nearly two dozen states agreed to review the EPA’s first-ever standards requiring power plants to reduce mercury emissions and other pollutants.

The court finding will determine if the EPA should have considered costs their requirements will impose before issuing them. The power companies and states project an added $9.6 billion annual compliance burden.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, a lead state plaintiff in the case, charges that, “The EPA has expressly refused to consider the cost of its regulation, which will result in rate increases for citizens across the country, and [which] threatens the reliability of the electricity grid by forcing the closure of many power plants.”

A ruling that forces the EPA to weigh cost impacts of its rulings can have implications impacting a variety of other planned regulatory agendas. Included are separately proposed carbon emission restrictions for new and existing power plants, along with a tighter national ground-level ozone standard.




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