New Meaning For the Term “Tree Hugger”

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

Here in the US, we are suffering travails at the hands of the greens. In Australia, this rises to new heights. While this post centers on Melbourne, it was too good not to pass on for your reading pleasure.



Lunacy: Real Government Job is Answering Emails sent to Trees

Your tax dollars at work…

tree-emailGuest essay by Eric Worrall h/t JoNova – Did you know that you can email every single tree in the City of Melbourne, Australia – and they’ll write back?

According to Broadsheet Melbourne:

“Some said we were wasting money, but the trees were always going to have individual ID numbers anyway. So it was only logical we’d assign the ID numbers to an email which connects these trees to the community,” says Melbourne city councillor, Arron Wood.

So far the messages have ranged from piss takes to genuine expressions of devotion. So, if you’ve ever used a tree to prop yourself up with on a night out, the world’s most liveable city is now giving you the chance to apologise the morning after.


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