The Ammo Ban and the Economy

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

Many Americans, liberal and conservative, have never read the US Constitution. It’s not taught in the public schools, except to say that it exists.

Of those Americans who have at least a clue of what our Founding Document says, many, especially on the liberal side, frequently interpret the actual words written in the Constitution to mean the opposite of what they say. This can have both Economic ramifications and Liberty issues.

Most recently, President Obama has issued an Executive Order banning ammunition for the AR-15 rifle. This rifle is widely popular among Americans for use in sport target shooting and in hunting.

Mr. Obama previously had tried to get the AR-15 rifle itself outlawed, but that effort failed. So, this new initiative – outlawing the ammo – is a backdoor way to succeed in outlawing the rifle. If you have no ammo to shoot, then the gun becomes useless.

Female Marksman

Ammo retailers are up in arms (so to speak) and several, including Cabela’s, are asking Congress to stop the President from writing laws. In case you are not intimately familiar with the Constitution, writing of laws specifically is under Congressional jurisdiction – the President has NO authority to legislate.

Further, the Second Amendment says that, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” In case you missed it, this is even stronger language than other places in the Bill of Rights where it says, “Congress shall make no law…” on this or that. The Second Amendment also prohibits the States from “infringing.”

Imagine if the President instead had outlawed ski bindings. Obviously nobody would be able to enjoy the sport of skiing, even though the skis themselves still were legal. All the ski shops, ski schools, and ski slopes would be put out of business. Even if you didn’t ski, you would recognize the government’s interference in the Economy.

If the government can outlaw one field of Economic activity, it can outlaw any field. To the extent that Americans want to enjoy that activity, it makes our country poorer. On that basis alone, the President’s action should be overturned.

US Constitution

But this President has acted in blatant violation of two Constitutional principles – ONLY Congress may make laws, and the 2nd Amendment guarantee of keeping and bearing arms. On this basis, simply overturning his Executive Order is not sufficient – President Obama should be impeached for his double violation of the Constitution.

But why would Mr. Obama risk this action? Surely he knows the potential ramifications.With your indulgence, I would like to speculate on a possible explanation.

The US Economy is in lousy shape, despite what government issued statistics say. Counting the unemployed as: those looking for work, those having given up looking for work, and those working part-time (or multiple part-time) jobs while wanting full time employment, the US Unemployment Rate is approaching 25%.

Fifty Million Americans are in such need, that they qualify for Food Stamps (the modern equivalent of the Bread Lines of the Great Depression). Seniors and others who have built up a nest egg for retirement are having that nest egg stolen from them by governmental policies creating CPI (lowballed) price increases, while keeping the interest rate – the Return on Investment on those nest eggs – near zero percent.

Though the previous housing bubble still hasn’t been cleared, a new housing bubble is being created by the undead Fannie and Freddie. The “Plunge Protection Team” (the Working Group on Markets) has blown up additional bubbles in the stock and bond markets.

Market Bubbles

The government’s War-on-Energy has raised electricity prices, even as the US Free Market has developed a new oil bonanza on private lands. The low interest rates have encouraged so many projects that, with the oil price crash, many new oil patch companies may go bankrupt with their employees being thrown out of work.

The banking crisis still hasn’t been resolved, so even though the FED has put Trillions of new Dollars into the banks through Treasury Bond purchases, the banks still are afraid to lend much of it out (and can’t find many creditworthy borrowers).

Additionally, partly because of the high unemployment rate among blacks – especially teenagers – but also because of the race polarization efforts of President Obama, tensions between the races are as bad as I can remember in this country. As the US goes back into a deep Recession, likely over the next year or two, this will flare up anew.

The open border policies of this Administration, and its pro-Muslim policies and rhetoric, also make the situation ever more volatile.


The Economy stinks and is getting worse, and there is hatred between the white and black ethnicities. A possible explosion is brewing.

Viewed from this perspective, the various anti-gun moves by this Administration make more sense. A flare up of rioting as we’ve seen recently, especially with a somewhat disarmed public, can get out of hand, justifying a Declaration of Martial Law!

Far fetched? I don’t know. I don’t own a gun, but, rioting against me, followed by Marshall Law against me is a scary thought.

As conditions deteriorate, I may have to think again about that foreign vacation I’ve been putting off.

2 thoughts on “The Ammo Ban and the Economy

  1. What pro-Muslim policies are you pointing out that make things volatile? I mean, I dont think it would be fair to initiate anti-Muslim policies, plus how do those policies relate to gun control?


    • The “Arab Spring” largely was caused or supported by US funding of rebels in countries throughout the Middle East. In Syria, President Obama was all set to remove the Assad regime by force until Russia stepped in to stop it. The rebels as you may recall are the ISIS forces which we now are about to fight.

      Here at home, the refusal of Mr. Obama to admit that Radical Muslim acts, like the several beheadings during the last year, what they are – Radical Muslim acts. He calls them workplace violence and the like. And, several highly placed advisers in the US government have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an identified terrorist organization.


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