EPA Chief Doesn’t Know Whether Climate Model Projections are Accurate

“I do not know what the models actually are predicting that you are referring to”

Story submitted by Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy struggled to answer questions, at a recent Senate Environment and Public Works committee hearing, refusing to provide immediate answers even to basic questions, such as whether IPCC climate models were skilful at forecasting global temperature. The EPA is seeking an inflation busting 6% increase to their budget.

According to Yellow Hammer News (video below)


“Would you acknowledge that over the last 18 years,” Sessions asked, “that the increase in temperature has been very little, and that it is well below, matter of fact 90 percent below most of the environmental models that showed how fast temperature would increase?”
“I do not know what the models actually are predicting that you are referring to,” McCarthy responded.
“This is a stunning development,” Sessions shot back, “that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency—who should know more than anybody else in the world, who is imposing hundreds of billions of dollars in cost to prevent this climate temperature increase—doesn’t know whether their projections have been right or wrong.”
A video of the question and answer session between McCarthy and Sessions:

Based on Gina’s performance, it seems likely the EPA will face significant ongoing opposition to its request for a budget increase.


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