It’s the Peak of the Hurricane Season, and Guess What…

There are no tropical storm, depressions, or hurricanes anywhere on Earth.

By Dr. Richard Keen – Re-Blogged From

Today is the normal peak of the Atlantic Hurricane season,



So far, the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season has been a dud.  For the past few days Tropical Storm Henri has churned, or at least ruffled, the waters of the central Atlantic.  But a few hours ago our friends at the National Hurricane Center issued this sad news:


Bye bye Henri.
Meanwhile, in the Eastern Pacific, NHC says:

Tropical cyclone activity is not expected during the next 48 hours.

In Honolulu, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center says:

No tropical cyclones are expected through Sunday evening.

But it’s a big planet, so out in the seas of typhoons and Bengal cyclones, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) chimes in:
There are no active tropical warnings in the Northwest Pacific/North Indian Ocean, Central/Eastern Pacific, or Southern Hemisphere at this time.
Today there are no storms in the Southern Hemisphere, or in all of the ocean basins of the Northern Hemisphere (barring an undetected tropical storm over the Arctic Ocean).
Putting it all together…
It’s the peak of the hurricane season, and guess what…
There are no hurricanes, tropical storms, or even tropical depressions anywhere on Planet Earth.
I’m not sure how common this is, but to paraphrase Al Gore, Michio Kaku, and other experts, is this the new normal?



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