How Obama’s “Green Legacy” Will Shut Down the Economy

By Mack Stetson – Re-Blogged From

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with support from President Obama, is heading up a move that would make the cost of electricity skyrocket and do unprecedented damage to the economy.

President Obama is supporting the EPA’s move as a part of his own plan to leave a “green legacy” when he leaves the White House.  The cost of Obama’s legacy to the country may be worth it to him, but to average Americans who already pay too much for electricity, the prospects of these new policies are frightening!

According to, the battle to stop the EPA and President Obama is underway:

The legal barrage to halt the Environmental Protection Agency’s radical Clean Power Plan has begun.

A broad coalition of U.S. industry and business, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,  the National Association of Manufacturers, and an armada of other business and industry organizations, has  asked the D.C. District of the federal Court of Appeals to prevent any further action on the Plan until the court can decide its overall legal status.

The coalition filed a motion at their first opportunity on Friday to stay EPA’s long-awaited final rule governing the  plan, immediately after the agency published the rule in the Federal Register—the official birth notice of the long-gestating plan to drastically remake the entire U.S. electrical system, and among other things  create a nationwide trading system for carbon emissions that was blocked by the Senate in 2009.

The business coalition argues that a huge, unprecedented and illegal expansion of EPA authority over the country’s entire electrical power system  will cause “irreparable harm” unless complicated planning process ordained by the rule is halted  while that legal battle over the entire program is  fought, a process likely to last through most of 2016, if not longer.

In support of their argument they provided testimony not only from business groups but also trade unions and even school boards to buttress their concerns about the disastrous potential effects of failing to halt the process while the legal battles continue.

As this plan rolls out, the EPA has deadlines in place that will force states to shut down coal-based power plants.  More from

Those deadlines, both states and business groups argue, are largely intended to force states to choose  in advance to shut down at a minimum roughly 11,000 megawatts of U.S. coal-fired power states by 2016, force mammoth reliance on new and unproven sources of renewable energy, and likely undercut the stability of the entire national U.S. electricity supply—and even then force suppliers to use a cap-and-trade system of emissions reduction certificates to stave off some of the drastic changes.

The Big Government overreach of this clean energy plan is overwhelming to comprehend and seems foolhardy on the part of the EPA and President Obama.  At all costs, including the costliness to our fragile economy, they are willing to risk everything to bring about their agenda.  For now, we can hope the legal opposition will put a stop to this outrageous plan until a new president can potentially put a stop to it permanently.


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