Brexit: Does the UK Green Leader Fear the Return of British Democracy?

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From

British Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas has urged members to vote on 23rd June to remain part of the European Union. Her concern appears to be that if Britain leaves the EU, democratically elected British politicians might be emboldened to dismantle EU inspired environmental regulations.

Caroline Lucas has today called on Green voters to back remaining in the EU on June 23rd, declaring the imminent vote a “climate referendum”.

Lucas, who is a board member of Britain Stronger in Europe and Another Europe is Possible, as well as the Green Party’s only MP, warned a vote for Brexit would undermine efforts to tackle climate change and build a greener economy.

“June 23rd is a climate referendum,” she said. “Leaving the EU could wreck our chances of playing a part in the fight against this existential threat – and hand the country to people who don’t even believe climate change is happening. But by staying as a member of the EU we can build on the progress already made in Paris earlier this year and continue making strides towards a fossil-free future.”

She reiterated her view the EU is in need of sweeping reform, but insisted it remained the “best hope we have when it comes to tackling climate change and protecting our environment”.

The latest intervention came as the Green Party launched a new online video urging its supporters to back a Remain vote.

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Why is Lucas so concerned that politicians elected by the British People, liberated from the shackles of the European Union, might repeal green policies? Is the leader of the British Green Party worried that the people do not want more green? Or does she think that using the undemocratic might of the EU bureaucracy to suppress voter choice, is a more certain route to a low carbon future?

At least one prominent member of the British Green Party has a different view. Baroness Jones thinks the fanatically green European Union is not anti-CO2 enough to deserve her support.

Writing in the Guardian last week, the Green Party’s Baroness Jenny Jones, set out her reasons for backing a vote for Brexit, arguing the EU has become “a super-sized top-down dogmatic project of endless industrial development and growth” that remains resistant to any attempt to reform it. …

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Recent polling suggests the leave vote may have developed a commanding lead, over fears about uncontrolled immigration.



5 thoughts on “Brexit: Does the UK Green Leader Fear the Return of British Democracy?

      • I mean that the Green Party has betrayed its origins as the Ecology Party by whoring itself to a supranational dictatorship in return for some ‘green’ directives being imposed by the Commissars on the nations of Europe without the national electorates having any say. The Ecology Party used to support the archaic notion of representative democracy from the bottom up. The Green Party no longer does, it is anti-democratic.


  1. OK, I see what you mean, although I’m not sure how corporatist is an apt descriptor.

    I think that Ecology tends to be an emotional subject, rather than a logical one. Two people can have vastly differing value judgements on Ecology. When you let emotion rule your positions, then it’s hard not to let emotions guide your means.

    Authoritarianism, whether dictatorship or by committee (socialism), would seem to me to be a bad choice. As can be seen with the majority or those being elected being of that ilk, all too many Americans respond to emotion over logic, which is why we’ve been in decline for a couple generations.


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