Without Global Warming, Civilization Never Would Have Been Possible

By Rod Martin, Jr. – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

Global Warming Made Civilization Possible

Let’s face it. Ice Age glacial conditions were brutal. Because the oceans were cooler, there was less evaporation and less rain. Because of this, there were more and larger deserts. The temperate zone was virtually threatened with extinction—squeezed between huge deserts and monstrous glaciation.

Because polar cold was far closer to equatorial heat, violent storms were stronger and more numerous. Heat alone does not cause wind to blow. That requires thermal potential—a temperature gradient between extremes. Venus has plenty of heat, but zero wind. On our sister planet, million-year-old craters show zero wind erosion, because the surface temperature is the same everywhere.

We shouldn’t have to argue whether or not warming is happening; we should educate ourselves on the vast benefits of warming and figure out how we can have more of it. Otherwise—change being the one true constant—we will end up with more cold.

The last thing we need is Global Cooling, like that suggested by CIA Director Brennan at a recent meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations. Particles in the air to reflect sunlight is a bad idea. We only need to look at what happened in 1816—the Year Without Summer—to see how bad Brennan’s “lovely” idea is. People starved to death with particulates cooling down the planet. Crops failed. Masses of refugees fled to warmer climate. I don’t think Brennan is an uneducated idiot. The only other possible reason for his suggestion isn’t pretty.

Global Warming doesn’t burn up anything or give Earth a fever, as NASA so unscientifically claimed. Most warming goes to the poles. The bulk of its work is in melting deadly ice.

Why is there such an ice fetish? Polar bears don’t need ice. During the far warmer Eemian interglacial of the current Ice Age, they did just fine surviving for hundreds of years in the open waters of the Arctic Ocean. If you want cold, go live on Mars. As long as we have our liquid oceans, we’re protected. Earth won’t burn up until the sun grows old in another few billion years.

How Global Warming Paved the Way to Civilization

Twelve thousand years ago, after thousands of years of global warming, the oceans warmed sufficiently to generate significantly more evaporation and more rain. Deserts started to shrink. Life started to blossom across the surface of Earth. Populations started to grow. A few incidents of glacial melt flooding into the oceans interrupted the relatively smooth progress of warming, but eventually we got past them.

With rivers flowing more consistently, agriculture was now a possibility. Humans gathered together. No longer was food acquisition the primary concern for every member of society. People could start investigating nature to develop science and technology. Civilization was born.

During the far warmer Holocene Optimum—a global phenomenon—the Sahara was green. Some warming alarmists are often fond of saying that global warming would be disruptive. The “skeptical science” website even has a logo showing a form of this disruption—a penguin startled to see a shoot of green coming up from the ice. Ironically, this particular breed of warming alarmists is afraid of life. Let that fact sink in for a minute; for then it will be easier to understand how psychopaths like Brennan can suggest creating deadly cold for all of humanity.

With global warming, we could have abundant life all the way to the poles.

The tropics would remain virtually the same, except that they would be calmer. Violent storms would become rare if the don’t disappear altogether. Deserts would shrink drastically. There is no guarantee, but the Sahara could be green again. And the temperate zones would swallow up all that dead terrain currently ruled by ice.

Would species need to move? Perhaps, but a turtle could walk to its new climate zone in a few months. The next generation of oak could be growing in its new climate zone within a few short years. Farming could take up even more land. And land without soil could start to gain that precious, life-benefiting earth.

Global warming is good. End the slander! And with warming good, then CO2 is off the hook, too. The only reason carbon dioxide was ever made into a villain is because of the slander against warming. Yes, industries pump out lots of the stuff, but so do all animals when they exhale. And industry also pumps out lots of water vapor—a greenhouse gas. We’re not going to reduce our water footprints, are we? Most regions need the rain.

And if global warming could make civilization possible, could global cooling make civilization impossible?


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