2017 Voters’ Rights Act

cropped-bob-shapiro.jpg   By Bob Shapiro

Unless Aliens are able to gain US Citizenship, they are not allowed to vote. Some are in the US legally, and some are Illegal Aliens, but none of them may vote. Some may be excellent people who I would be happy to welcome as US Citizens, while I would banish with an “If you return, then you forfeit your life.” But still, none of them may vote legally.

That may sound simple and straightforward, but it’s not. For example, Gov Jerry Brown of California signed an Law saying everyone who gets a Driver’s License will automatically be registered to vote – both American Citizens and not. It appears necessary for Congress to clarify the Voting Laws while adding punishments where necessary.

I would suggest the following:

2017 Voters’ Rights Act

  1. Only American Citizens may vote in Federal Elections
  2. Only American Citizens may be Registered to Vote in Federal Elections
  3. All Federal, State, and Local Laws not in conformance with Sections 1 and 2 hereby are made null and void.
  4. Positive identification must be obtained before a person may be Registered to vote in Federal Elections.
  5. Any elected or appointed Federal, State, or Local government official who knowingly cause ineligible persons to be Registered to Vote in a Federal Election may be prosecuted for Treason. Penalties may include:

    A. Loss of Employment and future government job eligibility

    B. Loss of government Penson

    C. A fine of up to $1 Million per offense

    D. Jail time of up to 20 years per offense

  6. Any State or Local Government which does not adjust the State or Local laws to be in compliance with this act before the next election for a Federal Office may be penalized as follows:

    A. Loss of Federal grant or matching funds moneys while out of compliance

    B. For States, Invalidation of the Statewide Election requiring a new election to be held only after the State is deemed to be in compliance. The positions affected will be deemed vacant until the following election.

    C. Localities out of compliance with this act shall have zero votes cast for all candidates, and the votes cast elsewhere in the Election District determining the outcome of the election.

Faithless officials, who would dilute the value of Federal Votes by Americans by allowing non-Citizens to vote, must not be allowed to profit by their Treasonous Acts.


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