America CAN’T Be Great Again…Unless the Education System Is Reformed!

By Nicholas Wishek – Re-Blogged From

St. Ignatius Loyola, supposedly said, “Give me the child, I will give you the man.”

This was true as far back as the Spartans and continues today in Islamic madrasas turning out suicide bombers. To restore traditional American values we must reform the education system.

Watching the ongoing, near hysterical, opposition to President Trump one has to wonder what the heck the protesters are thinking. One can understand the political leaders’ opposition – they fear that their power and cushy jobs are in jeopardy, but the media and the Never Trumpers? Why?

If things had been going extremely well, then maybe it would make sense to oppose the Trump agenda. But things weren’t going well. Anyone one with a lick of common sense should recognize the country was in bad shape and getting worse before President Trump’s election.

Our national debt rose to roughly $20 trillion, and unfunded liabilities for various government entitlements total over six times that much. ObamaCare was spiraling out of control as premiums rose and deductibles increased. Illegals were pouring across our borders, along with drugs, and possible terrorists. The labor participation rate was lower than at any time since the mid-1970’s. Median family income was down and food stamp recipients were up. Even race relations were worse than at any time since the ‘60’s in spite of an African-American president. Domestically, the country was a mess.

In foreign affairs things were no better. Leaving Iraq too early created a vacuum that led to the rise of ISIS. Terrorist attacks around the world and in our country increased. Russia stole Crimea from the Ukraine while China expanded its power in the South China Sea. Even if you believed the Iran Deal was actually going to stop them from developing nuclear weapons, they increasingly flaunted UN resolutions regarding development of missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads they supposedly were not intending to make. Our foreign affairs were a mess.

Given all that, why are the anti-Trump protesters so opposed to his agenda? Candidate Trump asked the black community, “What the hell do you have to lose?” That same question can be asked to all those useful idiots protesting Trump now. Some of those who hate President Trump no doubt fear he will take away their entitlements. Why can’t they realize that when, not if, given the way things were going, the economy collapses they would lose their benefits anyway? Why can’t they understand that coming here illegally is not a right or that those who are unwilling to assimilate weaken rather than strengthen the country?

Why? Well, the easy answer is that both the information and entertainment media so distort the public perception of the president that the low information voters are convinced that he is indeed a new Hitler.

But the real reason goes back to what Ignatius Loyola wrote. Our education system has failed to provide the kind of education that would give the ignorant protesters railing against Trump the necessary tools for critical thinking. If they were able to think logically, they’d understand not only that our nation was headed for disaster, but that the Trump agenda has at least a chance to change things for the better.

Actually, it is worse than just not giving our youth the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions. Students today are essentially being indoctrinated into believing the progressive ideology. Modern American progressivism started in the colleges and universities. It was fostered by the Civil Rights Movement and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. However well-intentioned those early progressives may have been, the movement morphed into something contrary to traditional American values.

Think about it. As the colleges and universities graduated more and more liberal thinking students these students went into the media, the civil service, and of course the education system. They became reporters, talk show hosts, government bureaucrats, teachers, professors, and text book writers.

And they became politicians who increased their ability to mold future generations. In school today, history is tainted with political correctness, America’s sins are recounted. Islam is praised. Children are taught that climate change is manmade, and that whites are privileged and inherently racist. The Christian religion is banned. Competition is discouraged, and self-esteem awards are passed out like party favors.

It is no wonder that the snowflakes protesting against President Trump believe he is evil. They believe everything they hear from the media and talk show hosts, because it aligns with what they were taught to believe in schools.

To make America great again, we must reform our education system.


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