Is American Foreign Policy The Key To Economic Growth?

Guest Post By Helen Robinson From Best Vacuum for Stairs

It is evident that American foreign policy has been and still is a major influence on economic growth. The US has been trying to maintain good relationships with other countries. In fact, the policy states that the US will try to maintain peace with other countries provided they have mutual interest. However, there are some conflicts, such as the war in the Middle East and North Korea testing missiles, that have drawn the USA into conflicts. The USA also has tried to solve most of these conflicts in an amicable way without escalating the conflicts. The US has even been sending troops to these areas with conflicts to try and deal with the conflicts.

Another major aspect of the American foreign policy that has been in the lime light in the recent past is the issue of immigrants. People from other countries who are not documented, especially the ones that are from Islamic nations, are seen as a threat to American citizens. Some of such people have been responsible for some terrorist actions which have harmed the American people. Because of this the federal government has been stricter when it comes to dealing with immigrants from other countries. Statistics show that the number of immigrants getting into the USA has decreased significantly in the last four months. More undocumented immigrants have also been deported from the USA to their countries of origin.

Despite the issues with foreign policy, the USA has been relative peaceful over the recent past. Americans are able to live without worrying about security and this has allowed them to thrive economically. The foreign policy has also allowed the USA to relate harmoniously with most nations in the world. This has allowed the country to be able to trade with other nations and this has contributed to the growth of the US economy.

The USA has especially enjoyed a good relationship with countries which create a major market for the products manufactured in the USA. Statistics show that the USA exports more goods than it imports, although it continues to run a payments deficit. This means that foreign policy needs to protect the American industries which need to export some of the products they manufacture. America is also a major player when it comes to technology. This technology is spread to other parts of the globe and this brings revenue to the USA. The peaceful coexistence between America and other nations has been a pivotal instrument in ensuring that the country can trade with other nations effectively.

Another aspect of the USA foreign policy is that the country is able to import most of the things which are not available in the USA. Some of these things are very important and the foreign policy ensures that such things are available. In fact, most of the imports by USA are used in industries and homesteads. Without the influence of the foreign policy the country might fail to get some of the things needed. This foreign policy is made stronger by USA helping some of the developing countries with aid and grants. These grants are meant to help these developing countries be able to develop more and therefore be able to produce products of higher quality. Therefore, the American foreign policy is significantly influential when it comes to economic growth.


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