French President Offers US Climate Scientists €1.5 Million Each to Move to France

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From

French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a new website which offers senior US climate researchers up to €1.5 Million (almost USD $1.7 million) each to move to France. My question to US climate scientists – what are you waiting for?

‘Your new homeland’: France’s Macron launches website to woo US scientists

Text by Joseph BAMAT
Latest update : 2017-06-09

French President Emmanuel Macron this week launched a website which aims to encourage US scientists and researchers frustrated with President Donald Trump’s position on climate change to move to France.

The website “Make Our Planet Great Again” was a clear dig at Trump and his June 1 announcement that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, but also made good on an appeal Macron made back in February.

The website said senior university faculty members, but also junior researchers and PhD candidates, were eligible to move to France to work on climate change, earth system science or energy transition projects, promising generous financing and help with moving to the country.

It said senior researchers could apply for grants up €1.5 million, which would cover researchers’ salaries, as well as compensation for additional staff and work expenses. Junior researchers could apply for grants of up to €1 million.

There is no restriction on your husband / wife working in France,” the site reassured scientists, adding: “If you have children, note that French public schools are free, and the tuition fees of universities and “grandes écoles” [highly competitive French universities] are very low compared to the American system.”

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A statement from the first page of the new website;


On the 1st of June, President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement, which gathered more than 190 countries united against climate change.

This decision is unfortunate but it only reinforced our determination. Don’t let it weaken yours.
We are ONE planet and Together, we can make a difference.

France has always led fights for human rights. Today, more than ever, we are determined to lead (and win!) this battle on climate change.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

The planet needs your innovative skills. So, are you IN to change (literally!) our daily lives and make our planet great again?

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The offer seems genuine. €1.5 Million is serious money, just under USD 1.7 million. The offer for junior researchers is also very generous. I don’t know how many positions are open, so if you are thinking of accepting President Macron’s offer, best to get in quickly.

Paris is an expensive city, but there are plenty of much less expensive French cities which host serious grandes écoles institutions.

France is a socialist nation, with a powerful government. But they also have a strong tradition of liberty, which tends to temper government excesses.

Research your new home carefully. Like many countries France has towns and suburbs blighted by crime. But there are also many beautiful places to live, far away from the chaos and violence in the trouble spots.

Anyone who makes the move will likely be treated as a celebrity. The French love their celebrities.



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