Why Isn’t HP Selling 3D Printers?

By Carol James

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me why HP isn’t selling 3D Printers. He was wondering if HP is so badly missing the boat or if they believe that 3D Printing is not a good business.

I think that this is a valid question for most people, after all HP is the biggest supplier of printers in the world.

This is the problem that comes with the wrong use of metaphors. 2D Printers and 3D Printers are completely different type of machines. 2D Printers are the natural evolution of typewriters. 2D printers were even used as computer terminals before monitors. 3D Printers are a totally different creature. They are a new type of machine used to build objects. The real name of this field is “Additive Manufacturing”, 3D Printing Is just a metaphor. Find out more information from the author on this topic EssayLab.com.

The reason why HP isn’t building 3D Printers is the same reason why they aren’t building drills or lathes. It is a different type of market that requires a totally different expertise not only to build the machines but also to sell them.

As it is shown in the picture, they have tried to manufacture a couple of 3D Printer models called HP Design Jet 3D Printer a few years ago but they stopped doing it, probably after realizing that the investment to improve the technology would have been big compared with the size of the current market. If they decide to try it again, they will probably buy a small company once the technology has evolved a little more.

If you know more about why HP is not building 3D Printers, please leave a comment.

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