Germany’s Dieselgate

By Larry Hamlin – Re-Blogged From


The Wall Street Journal published an excellent article further exposing the climate alarmist political idiocy behind Germany’s growing dieselgate scandal where diesel engine powered vehicles were falsely portrayed and promoted as environmentally superior to combustion engine powered vehicles.

As the WSJ article noted:

“Switching to diesel from gasoline, the monumental regulatory effort launched by the European Union in the late 1990s, ended up delivering only thimbles-full of avoided greenhouse pollution compared to competing gasoline engines. But it made the air in European cities significantly less breathable thanks to diesel particulates and nitrogen oxides.

Yet there has been no inclination to question the cost-benefit basis of the anti-carbon crusade. Instead, Europe is doubling down by forcing car makers to build electric cars, while Der Spiegel is trying to shift the blame for the diesel experiment’s failure to alleged anticompetitive actions by German car makers.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was busy trying to distance herself from her role in creating this debacle by claiming that the car industry threw away “incredible public trust” and that it was their job to “win it back” thereby pretending that these problems that were entirely manufactured by German climate alarmist politicians belong solely to industry.


The WSJ article exposes how the German press have disguised and obfuscated the fact that politically mandated commitments to meaningless CO2 emissions reductions have driven the industry’s great green disaster.

“The prominent German magazine Der Spiegel has spent much of the summer hoarsely condemning VW, BMW , Audi , Mercedes and Porsche.

First it accused them of running an illegal cartel because they cooperated in meeting certain technical obligations related to Europe’s mandated insistence on diesel vehicles. In installment two, the magazine accused them of besmirching the reputation of “Made in Germany” in the eyes of the world.

Never mind that such besmirching is hardly obvious from record global sales lately of BMW and Mercedes cars.

Also missing from the magazine’s 9,000-word diatribe is a recognition that Germany’s dieselgate and associated scandals arise entirely from European politicians’ politically-correct pursuit of meaningless reductions in CO2.”

“Once politicians and regulators decided to make diesel the star of their fake climate show, they turned to providing loopholes to ensure their cars remained marketable.

VW’s behavior (as uncovered by U.S. regulators) was egregious, programming its engine software to draw on the AdBlue tank only when its car was on a test-bed for regulators seeking to confirm (wink, wink) that its emissions were OK.

Except it has now become clear that other car makers engaged in similar cheating, including some that could not be part of any German cartel because they weren’t German.”

“All this, we repeat, so Europe’s politicians could pretend to be doing something about global warming.”

The WSJ article suggests that this entire climate alarmist driven political diesel swindle will simply be swept under the rug to promote yet more politically driven escapades pushing EVs as the answer to making further car industry meaningless CO2 emissions reductions in support of climate alarmism idiocy.

“Now comes a new chapter. How will the public-relations damage be apportioned between carmakers and the political class over a grotesque boondoggle? Don’t be surprised when this scandal is swept imperceptibly toward the memory hole once Ms. Merkel has been safely returned to office, as every poll suggest she will.”

“Why? Because, from Berlin to Beijing to Sacramento, Calif., governments are already engaged in a new and even more implausible magic act: How to preserve their car industries and jobs while simultaneously mandating that car makers produce electric vehicles that can only be sold to the public at a steep loss in a world where oil is $50 a barrel and gasoline engines continue to make impressive efficiency gains.”


“In short, a car wreck is coming that will make dieselgate look like a fender bender.”


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