NYC Terror Victims Are ‘Martyrs to a Diversity Cult Worshipped by Our Ruling Class’

By Sam Dorman – Re-Blogged From Independent Journal Review

Following news that an Uzbekistan immigrant perpetrated a terrorist attack in New York on Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson tore into American elites for supporting a lottery system that would allow that person to enter the U.S. in the first place.

Elites, Carlson argued, “worshipped” diversity with cult-like reverence and blindly valued diversity more than the American people’s well-being. “That’s literally true,” Carlson said on Wednesday during his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Tucker Carlson 11-1-17


Carlson went so far as to describe Tuesday’s victims as “martyrs” to the religion of the “ruling class.”

The whole concept of a “diversity lottery,” in which people from other countries won the opportunity to come to the U.S., was “insane,” Carlson argued.

“Our leaders are treating America as a prize that can be won by anyone on the planet simply for existing,” he said. Carlson suggested liberals were hypocritical because those at Harvard, Google, and MSNBC wouldn’t choose people based on a lottery system.

Similar to President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Carlson pointed the finger at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for promoting the lottery system that prized diversity over quality in immigration.

As Independent Journal Review previously reported, Trump called on Wednesday for an end to the diversity lottery system and as well as a focus on merit-based immigration.

Americans, Carlson said, could expect elites to maintain the lottery system because they preferred immigrants to Americans.

“Our elites see Americans as beyond hope and — worse than that — as dangerous,” Carlson added before citing a controversial ad from the Virginia governor’s race.

Carlson concluded his monologue by offering his take on elites’ belief in diversity:

“Are our leaders lying to us? Are they blind? Both, probably. Diversity is their religion and in their own way, they’re religious extremists. When the safety and well-being of Americans conflicts with their faith, they will choose their faith every time.”


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