The Impact Of Currency Exchange Rates On The Economy

   By Katherine Reed

Most people see currency conversion as something simple that appears because of a need to change currency. The problem is that currency exchange is incredibly complicated and there are so many different things that are analyzed when the rates are calculated. The truth is that exchange rates will always have an impact on business and since the economic recession hit many companies, the impact is a lot higher at the moment. Drastic fluctuations will affect the entire global training market.

Currency exchange rates have an automatic effect on corporations that will export services and goods to another country. For instance, there was a drop in the value of EUR between 2008 and 2009. All US companies that were selling in Europe basically ended up with sales losses due to the fact that products manufactured in US were very expensive. The sales fluctuation noticed was devastating for many different US exporters, especially when international sales were a huge part of business.

In order to combat the currency conversion rates, the cost accountants had to determine good costs so that a competitive price would be obtained. The European companies that sold in US ended up with higher sales as US buyers made purchases at low prices. Multinational European corporations had the possibility to work with other countries in order to have more money.

The exact opposite also has an influence. When the value of the EUR rises and you see that currency conversion rates are going up, you basically see the reversal of what was presented above. That is what we see at the moment on the market since the value of the EUR is growing. Companies that sell in Europe and manufacture products in US would end up making a lot more money because of associated rates.

Any US firm that wants to start a globalization move has to take into account the currency exchange rates and also try to understand how much a particular currency will evolve as time passes. Various corporations like General Electric, Apple and McDonalds were highly successful because of an understanding of how to take advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates. Many other firms tried to do the same but they made mistakes and were not able to reach the good sales that they thought would appear as rates changed in a way that hurt the companies.

The key to make a lot of money when you sell in another country is to properly understand currency conversion rate evolution. It is vital that the managers and marketers know how to adjust when the economy changes and back-up plans have to exist in order to make modifications in the event that the rates do not change in your favor. The good news is that all the information that is necessary is already available. In addition, there are specialists that know exactly what has to be taken into account and how to properly analyze the market. If your firm’s goal is to go global, the team that handles research and implementation has to know everything about exchange rates and how they have an impact on production costs.

All the information that you need about currency exchange rates and evolution is available online. Look at the currency conversion offered in these links so that you can see the exact value of the main currencies.


Katherine Reed is a graphic designer, retouch expert and blogger on She usually create visual concepts by hand or by using computer software, so understands how to make the pics perfect. Her team on have experienced retouch artists with great technical skills working full-time at their office.


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