What If India And China Used Natural Gas And Oil Like The U.S.?

By David Middleton, petroleum geologist – Re-Blogged From WUWT

From Forbes

JUN 17, 2018

What If India And China Used Natural Gas And Oil Like The U.S.?

Jude Clemente , CONTRIBUTOR

BP’s just releasedStatistical Review of World Energy 2018 has got my wheels turning. The first thing you should know is that global energy consumption has essentially just begun: around 85% of the global population – 6 in every 7 humans – still lives in developing nations. They don’t live in rich cities, like San Francisco, Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, London, or Tokyo; they live in poorer ones, like Mumbai, Lagos, Jakarta, Guangzhou, Calcutta, and Karachi. This is where the future energy action is man: at least 90% of future demand will be in nations that are currently not developed. We rich, “all the energy that we want at our fingertips” Westerners still aren’t grasping a sad and cold reality: most of the world is poor and energy deprived.

Given that economic growth, especially in the still developing nations where energy demand structures are still immature, is directly tied to more energy usage. So, this has got me thinking about the future energy demands of the world, which of course naturally focuses on the most most critical giants, India and China. These two coal-based titans have really just started to consume natural gas and oil. For the first graphic, don’t forget that “wealth is health.”


Natural gas and oil supply 60- 65% of the energy used in the world’s richest nations. India and China have 37% of the world’s population but consume just 9% of the world’s natural gas and 17% of the oil. So it becomes very apparent: latent gas and oil demand in India and China is immense.

So now the punch line. How much natural gas and oil will the future world need? Surely a lot more, but what if Indians and Chinese were to consume natural gas and oil like we rich Americans do? International energy markets would quake. Even using half of what we use would cause the gas and oil markets to explode.

The final graphic demonstrates why U.S. oil and gas exporters, as well as the others in the world, are salivating at the opportunity that lies ahead.




When considering how even in rich, developed Europe, where incremental demand was tiny, the Kyoto protocol to drastically curtail fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions was a complete failure, and then considering the huge incremental energy needs of the poor countries that signed the latest climate agreement back in December 2015, is it any wonder: “The global Paris climate failure.”

After how rich, healthy, and long living, India and China have watched us oil and gas devouring Westerners become, can you really blame them for wanting to use more? But, somebody else summed up my “hey you can’t use the energy that I use” frustration much better. The headline of the decade: “Should climate scientists fly?”


If Red China and India used oil & natural gas like Americans, we’d know pretty quickly how close the world is to Peak Oil and Peak Natural Gas.

What if India and China

The solid green line raises Red China and India crude oil consumption to current US levels while holding all other nations at 2017 levels. The dashed green line drops UK, France and Germany oil consumption to zero-point-zero in 2040. The solid red line raises Red China and India natural gas consumption in BOE to current US levels while holding all other nations at 2017 levels. Historical data from BP 2018 Statistical Review of World Energy.

It’s nice to dream big! Note what a huge difference it would make if the UK, France and Germany kicked to oil habit (of course that was a sarcastic remark, that’s why I made it.)

What’s more likely by 2040? A 150% increase in crude oil and 177% increase in natural gas production or a 2,898% increase in lithium, 1,928% increase in cobalt, 655% increase  in rare earths  and a 524% increase in graphite production?

2 thoughts on “What If India And China Used Natural Gas And Oil Like The U.S.?

  1. Three decades of rancorous handwavium debate over evidence for and the physics behind the Radiative Greenhouse House Effect, Green House Gasses and man-caused climate change, aka CAGW.

    What a waste – since none of it is real.

    That the the earth might be 33 C warmer with an atmosphere is based on the difference between two completely unrelated and made up numbers: 288 K, a wild ass guess pulled straight out of the World Meteorological Organization’s butt and 255 K, a theoretical, ideal, benchmark calculation for the “average” 240 W/m^2 Long Wave Infrared Radiation supposedly leaving the top of the atmosphere.

    Furthermore, the lunar studies by Nikolov and Kramm clearly conclude that without an atmosphere the earth would be much like the moon, a barren rock with the lit/hot side maybe 390 K, the dark/cold side maybe 150 K, but nothing like 33 C colder.

    The LWIR up/down/”back” GHG energy “warming” loop is another theoretical, ideal, benchmark calculation for any surface radiating at 288 K and likewise – not real. A contiguous participating media, i.e. atmospheric molecules, preclude any BB emission from the surface.

    No 33 C warmer + No GHG energy loop = No RGHE & No CAGW.

    Am I wrong?
    Always possible – as is the case for all of us.
    ’cause if I’m not wrong decades of research, “evidence,” publications and billions of green dollars goes straight in the dumper and the entire trillion dollar global climate change industry is suddenly unemployed.


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