Amazon Forages into Healthcare with Pharmacy PillPacks

By Bestboy3 – Re-Blogged From The Corporate World

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The U.S. market for prescription medicine is huge. In 2016, U.S. consumers spent $328.6 billion on retail prescription drugs, according to the U.S. government. CVS reported prescription sales of $59.5 billion last year, and Walgreens sold $57.8 billion worth of drugs in its fiscal 2017. However, with Amazon picking up these other companies’ sales will most definitely drop, and they say that by 2020 Amazon’s profit’s out of perscription medicines will be almost double.

Amazon bought PillPacks inc. for estimated $1 billion on June 26th, 2018. PillPack, which organizes and delivers packages of medications for consumers, is licensed to ship prescriptions in 49 states, according to its website. The company previously had sale talks with Walmart, which had considered buying the start-up for less than $1 billion, CNBC has reported.

Here is what Walgreens  Boots Alliance CEO Stefano Pessina has to say- “Yes, it’s a declaration of intent from Amazon, but the pharmacy world is much more complex than the delivery of a certain pills or packages.”

Will this bold purchase become another bigger game changer for Amazon, or will it a negative to their business. Let us find out!



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