Climate Madness: Democrats Forcing US Dependence on Russian Gas Because they Hate Trump Fossil Fuel Projects

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chief of Staff Anthony Pugliese has accused Democrat states of undermining National Security, by scoring political points for deliberately blocking desperately needed Trump fossil fuel energy infrastructure projects.

The Democrat scorched earth strategy of obstructing vital infrastructure is forcing at least one gas company import liquid natural gas supplies from Russia, to keep US homes warm in winter.

Exclusive – Senior Energy Official: Local Dem-Controlled Gov’ts Block Infrastructure Projects to Resist Trump

Sean Moran
11 Jul 2018

Democratic-controlled state governments are blocking federal energy infrastructure projects supported by the Trump Administration “for the sole reason of politics,” Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chief of Staff Anthony Pugliese told Breitbart News Sunday.

During Trump’s presidency, though, “some parts of the country that are controlled by members of the Democratic party and others … are determined to ensure that no infrastructure goes through their state and are determined to say no just because the Trump Administration is supporting it … for the sole reason of politics,” Pugliese told Breitbart News Sunday host Amanda House.

“They are putting politics above the best interests of not only the consumers in their state but also national security.”

To illustrate his point, Pugliese explained the consequences of playing party politics: “My favorite example of this is during this last cold snap…. the New England Independent System Operator had to import LNG [Liquified Natural Gas] from Russia because we didn’t have infrastructure going through places like New York that would have provided American energy to support a reliable and resilient grid.”

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What explanation will Democrats offer, if next year or the year after there is a major flareup of tensions between the US and Russia, say over renewed military action in Europe, and Putin retaliates by shutting off the supply of heating gas to large numbers of US homes? I wonder how much Russia values this stranglehold over the wellbeing of millions of Americans?


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