PragerU v Google/YouTube

Re-Blogged From Prager University

For more than two years, YouTube has continued to restrict access to more and more of our videos – simply because they present a conservative point of view. There are currently over 80 PragerU videos that are restricted – more than double the amount of restricted videos since filing our lawsuit against YouTube. Silicon Valley giants like YouTube continue to censor the ideas they don’t agree with. They promote their Leftist ideology and restrict conservative speech.

Help us fight against the censorship of our videos.

From the beginning of this process, we’ve been prepared to pursue our lawsuit against Google/YouTube as far, and for as long as it takes to secure every American’s right to freedom of speech online.

Recently, we officially filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court – giving us another opportunity to argue our case against the tech giant.

We need your support, now more than ever. 

As we continue this important fight – not just for PragerU, but for freedom of speech in America – we need to win in both the court of public opinion, and of course in the courtroom.

We recently launched a public awareness video to bring much-needed attention to the issue.  The video has already been viewed over 10 million times – but we still need to reach more people.

We are continuing to circulate an online petition to help fight back against YouTube.  We already have over 500,000 signatures  — but our goal is to get over 1 million signatures so that YouTube cannot ignore us anymore. With your help we can get there.

Can we count on your support as we fight to end the censorship of our ideas?


4 thoughts on “PragerU v Google/YouTube

    • I have mixed feelings on anti-trust laws. I certainly don’t like the lefty bias of Google, social media, or most print and air/cable news media, but I can’t see how anti-trust laws are appropriate.

      On the other hand, I think anti-fraud laws may make more sense. The main parts of their business, and how they ‘sell’ their service to their customers, deal with objective facts. Google should serve up the most relevant search results, not their politically correct preferences. Facebook, et all, supposedly allows all comers to use their platform. And news media, when reporting the news, are supposed to say just what happened – opinion belongs on the editorial page, where it is understood that it is opinion.

      So, I think that violating the neutrality expectation of the customers may constitute fraud. Breaking up these mammoths may not be needed (or even desirable) so long as they operate neutrally. But that also opens up other cans of worms.


      • I would think that we need a more robust system where any problem can arise only after multiple failures.

        Relying only on Google to be truthful may not be enough. If we can have many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Infoseek (now gone), Lycos (also gone) with none capturing more than 50% of the market then competition will be their own watchdog against manipulation of their service. Customers may spot the different results from various search engines.

        Currently it appears to me that results associated with paid advertisments to Google are given out while those without association are driven down after 2 month times.

        Google search, Gmail, Google Android, Google Play shop will soon lead Google into the previous monopolistic path of Xerox (which sued Microsoft for using icons on menues), Microsoft.(which integrated Internet Explorer to its Windows).

        Do you still remember the time (before the introduction of API Standards) when car makers could force customers to use petrols and lubes from their associated fuel outlets or risk losing warranties?

        The game of monopoly is always a temptation to any big corporation.


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