A Tech Company Was Trying To Fix The Election

Re-Blogged From Black Eye Politics

Big Tech is one of the biggest enemies to conservatives.

They regularly silence them and rig the system in favor of the left.

And a tech company was just caught red-handed trying to fix the election.

A Tech Company Meddles In The Election

Facebook is one of the biggest websites in the world.

Almost everybody is on it.

It is where people share their lives, and their interests.

That makes it a big platform for political campaigns.

What the platform feeds to people can change opinions.

That’s why campaigns spend millions of dollars on Facebook.

They feed their content to potential voters.

And it is something the Trump campaign is very good at.

Some credit Trump’s social media as the reason he won.

He is able to reach voters directly, and tell them what he wants without the filter of the mainstream media.

So making sure the platforms are fair is important.

But Facebook continually faces scrutiny for censoring conservatives.

And the day before the election 115 users were removed from the platform.

They say it is for “in-authentic behavior,” but give little more information.

How Big Tech’s Decisions Affect Elections

The problems with Facebook have gotten so big that the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg has been brought before Congress to testify.

It is over the blocking of ads for conservatives organizations.

Many pro-life organizations, in particular, have been facing scrutiny.

But it is affecting the president as well.

Facebook is not allowing a pro-Trump ad opposing to the caravan to run on their platform.

In the ad, Luis Bracamontes, a cop-killing illegal brags about killing two police officers.

Trump points to the fact that Democrat policies allowed him to enter the country.

The statement is true.

If Trump had his way, he likely would have never been in the U.S.

And two police officers would still be alive.

Most of America understands this.

But Facebook mirrors a CNN claim that it is racist.

And with one move, they are preventing it from running on their site.

That is clearly election meddling.

It Isn’t Just Facebook

And it isn’t just Facebook doing it.

Google is also facing heavy scrutiny for unfair search results.

When searching on Google, users get personalized results based on algorithms.

Supposedly, those results are supposed to be fair results.

But multiple investigations find that to be untrue.

Both PJ Media and Breitbart find that when ‘Trump’ is searched in Google, 96 percent of results come from sources hostile to Trump.

While those results might make sense for a liberal user, both outlets lean conservative.

So it’s a fair assumption that those gathering results lean to the right.

If the algorithms are really fair that wouldn’t happen.

The results of that investigation are very troubling because it is further evidence of big tech’s opposition to Trump.

Big tech is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

They have more influence than even the major news outlets do.

It is their sites that feed news to the American people.


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