7 Business Security Myths You Shouldn’t Believe Anymore

By Ahmad Hamidi – Re-Blogged From Secure Technologies

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Here are 7 of the biggest business security misconceptions, and how you can avoid falling for them.
No matter what your business size is, you need a robust security plan to protect your employees, customers, and infrastructure. Sadly, many businesses have misconceptions about what business security is and how it should be implemented. This is why many fall prey to the common security myths listed below…

7 Business Security Myths You Shouldn’t Believe Anymore

Myth#1: My Business is Too Small to Be Robbed:

Do you think so? In fact, small businesses are always on the radar of burglars due to their limited security resources.
In short, security issues of a small business are not small. Don’t put your employees and infrastructure at risk by assuming that you are always safe. Instead, arm your small business with proper security arrangements like CCTVS, alarms and security guards to minimize the risks.

Myth#2: Insurance Will Save Me:

True. An insurance policy covers your lost or damaged physical assets due to burglary. But have you ever thought about the aftermath?
It will be hectic and time-consuming working with police, and as well as keeping pace with your insurance company to get the claim paid. Then, there are expenses related to the legal proceedings. Such hassles will take your valuable time that you need to focus on the core line of your business, eventually affecting the profitability and management.
What if the burglars get their hands on your sensitive data? This type of loss won’t be covered by an insurance company. Right?

Myth#3: Burglary Happens at Only Night:

It is one of the common misconceptions that burglaries take place at night. This is why many businesses don’t see the need for security during the day – until they are robbed in broad daylight.
A study by Jacksonville State University found that most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Many burglars strike during the day knowing that the security would be more proactive at night. For example, shoplifters are mostly active during the day due to the huge amount of traffic at the retail stores. On any day, they can walk away with stuffed pockets without being noticed. A lack of security systems at your retail store will make it a cakewalk for them.

Myth#4: Security Systems are Expensive and Hard to Use:

The cost of the security system is justified by the advanced technology they offer. However, you can start from basic security devices like a CCTV camera and burglar alarm which are not so expensive. Or you can consult a security system retailer or expert to get the right security devices for your business type. There may be many business owners out there who think that security systems are not easy to use. Keep in mind that today’s security gadgets are more user-friendly than ever and can be controlled from anywhere.

Myth#5: Cyber Threats Won’t Hurt My Business:

Some businesses don’t take their cyber security seriously as they assume that they are not IT companies. If you are one of them, you should be careful. Cyber security is essential for all businesses, no matter if you are an IT company or a retail store. What will you do if your website is hacked? Or you lose your employee payroll data and billings due to the malware. Why wait for such unpleasant things? Make your computing environment strong by using antiviruses; creating strong passwords; providing firewall security; securing Wi-Fi networks and implementing strong IT policies.

Myth#6: AUP Policy is Just a Paper Thing:

AUP or Acceptable Use Policy is a set of rules for using your company network or the Internet. Why do you need it? This is because it strengthens company security practices and ensures that your employees are following the prescribed rules. Besides, it also outlines the penalties for the violators, thereby acting as your insurance policy against network breaches.

Myth#7: I am Not a Bank. I Don’t Need a Security Guard:

Are you not considering security guard services just because you are not a bank or high-end retail store? Some businesses, like financial outlets and big stores, are the major target for criminals, but any business can fall prey to risks. You can’t afford to wait for police arrival in case of burglary, assault and other crime occurring at your business premises. This is why you need a security guard in place to prevent such unpleasant events from turning worse.

From monitoring to deterring crime, his duty involves various responsibilities to protect the property and people within. Or, it would be fair to say he is your peace officer at the smaller scale. By eliminating above listed misconceptions from your security practices and plan, you can protect your business from all risks like burglary, data breaches, and accidents. It is better if you talk to a security consultant to get optimal security solutions for your organization’s needs. Remember, business security is as essential as your infrastructure and resources.

Author Bio: Ahmad Hamidi is an author and editor at Secure Guard Security Services, a leading security guard company in California region.


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