Making Brazil Great Again

By David Middleton – Re-Blogged From WUWT

From the American Association for the Advancement of Science of America…

Brazil’s new president has scientists worried. Here’s why

By Herton EscobarJan. 22, 2019 , 3:25 PM

Brazil has long been a frontrunner in climate change policy and environmental diplomacy. The international conventions on climate change and biological diversity, for example, were born during the historic United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and Brazil played a key role in crafting and implementing both agreements.

That legacy is now at risk. Since he took office on 1 January, Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, has dismantled several government divisions dedicated to climate change. The former army captain and far-right congressman has also named Cabinet members who are openly hostile to the fight against global warming.

Government officials say climate change will continue to be a priority. But scientists and environmentalists are alarmed…

The new minister of foreign affairs, Ernesto Araújo, recently wrote that global warming is left-wing “dogma,” used to “suffocate the economic growth of capitalist, democratic countries.”

Araújo’s ministry has eliminated its Climate Change Division, which spearheaded Brazil’s efforts within the United Nations and other international fora. All environmental policies now fall under a single department and the word “climate” has disappeared from the ministry’s administrative structure.

Two departments of the Ministry of Environment that dealt with climate change and mitigation policies were also nixed…


During his campaign, Bolsonaro threatened several times to pull Brazil out of the Paris agreement, the 2015 landmark United Nations climate deal. But Ricardo Salles, the new minister of environment, said in recent interviews that Brazil will stay in the agreement while rejecting any “international interference” in its territory, agricultural practices, or use of natural resources.


Science! As in she blinded me with…

If you don’t get my use of “American Association for the Advancement of Science of America“, you need to watch the movie Dodgeball.  If you don’t get “Science! As in she blinded me with…”, Google Thomas Dolby.

Back to scientists being worried… I’m a scientist, I’m not worried.  If I walked down the hall and asked all of my geologist and geophysicist co-workers if they were worried about making Brazil great again, I’m pretty sure the response would be 100% in the negative.  Most of them would probably say it’s too bad someone can’t make Venezuela great again.

Why is it that a handful of taxpayer funded climate “scientists” and environmentalist nitwits are always referred to as “scientists”, as if they were representative of all scientists?

The Bolsonaro administration has eliminated redundant climate- and environmental-related agencies, remains committed to sensible environmental protection, “while rejecting any ‘international interference’ in its territory, agricultural practices, or use of natural resources.”  How could anyone with a real job be opposed to this?


That’s actually a thing.


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