Could Temporary Buildings Be the Key to UK Economic Growth?

By Timothy Munene – For Smart Space

The UK is one of the few countries in the world enjoying a stable economy. However, in the recent past, they have experienced a slow economic growth rate and thus resulted in countries such as the USA and China taking all the glory as the world’s superpowers.

There are many factors that have contributed to this state of economy in the UK, posing the need for a serious evaluation of the infrastructure in place to provide a solution for the country’s economy. One such factor is the use of Temporary buildings. This article will look into temporary buildings as a factor that can be key for the UK’s economic growth.

What are Temporary buildings?

A temporary building is a portable structure that is put up for a limited time mostly a month or less. It is useful to people who only need a building for a short period of time and once they complete their projects, either rent it out or relocate it to a different site.

What makes it unique?

1.     Speed.

Temporary buildings are very easy to erect and dismantle due to the presence of a PVC textile roof.  This saves you a lot of time compared to building permanent buildings.

2.     Pocket Friendly and Efficient.

There exist many companies such as Smart-space which sell and hire out temporary buildings for a very friendly price.  These structures are able to stand on any surface even without a pre-prepared ground or foundation. It also can tolerate sloping grounds and thus save your budget!

3.     Flexible.

Temporary structures can be modified to suit the size of your products or machinery. They can be enlarged or minimized depending on the nature of your project.  This flexibility allows it to be used in every part of the country hence very reliable.

4.     Security.

The structures can be bolted down or locked in to any ground surface ensuring that your goods cannot be tampered with or stolen easily.

How can they affect the economy?

Ø  Increased trading activities

Now more than ever, business has become one of the backbones of UK’s economy. The use of temporary structures will allow businessmen to carry out their activities across the country and beyond since they easily will be able to setup the structures in the different parts of the country without having to hustle through the struggle of looking for permanent structures.

It also will save on the cost of renting rooms in permanent buildings in case they are in the town for a short while or the business is short term. This will motivate more businessmen to increase their business coverage across the nation and as a result, the UK’s economy will improve.

Ø  Increased purchasing power.

The flexibility of temporary structures enables the users to modify it for use in different projects and fields: such as in a company, it can be used as an office, a shop, a garage or even a kitchen! This saves them a lot of money that could be used to put up, design and maintain a building.

Consequently, more people are able to save money, their purchasing power increases and thus the economy grows.


Temporary structures have proved to have provided many opportunities that allow a country’s economy to grow. The UK is no exception and thus, temporary buildings could as well be the key to its economic growth.

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