Radical Leftist Bill Seeks To Deny Life-Saving Surgeries To Adults Over The Age of 70

The latest attack on human rights is geared towards the elderly and you won’t believe what liberals want to do now.

Yet again determined to falsely assume the role as God, liberals are attempting to decide who lives and who dies.

And if the radical left-wing party in the Netherlands get their way – those who are older will lose access to medical care permanently.

Radical leftists are always looking for ways to devalue human lives.

Their latest “bright idea” is to stop providing surgeries to adults who are 70 and above at the whim of a doctor.

Meaning, if a 72-year old woman has cancer and has the will to live, but her doctor doesn’t have the same investment in her life, her surgery could be forbidden.

As if the value of human life suddenly decreases with age.Even more ironic is this proposal is endorsed and supported by the environmentalist wing in the Netherlands.

Yet again, this shows environmentalists are more concerned about saving endangered animals and preserving trees than protecting society’s most vulnerable.

Leftist Corinne Ellemeet introduced the proposal and actually thinks she is giving the elderly the “best care possible” by denying their right to life.

LifeSite News reported:

Ellemeet insisted that she is only interested in giving the elderly the best possible care.

“It’s not about saving money,” she said, but about avoiding “overtreatment,” because operations are not always beneficial and can even put undue strain on the patient.

However, the logic of her proposal is based on cost-effectiveness. She underscored that 70 percent of patients in Dutch hospitals are over 70, suggesting they should not receive the same treatment as younger patients as a matter of course. A screening process should be put into place when advanced and costly treatment is under consideration, she said – including heart operations, cancer treatment, kidney dialysis and the like.”

To refuse life-saving treatments to human beings on the basis of their age is truly barbaric.

While it’s true those who are in their 70s typically need more medical care than a 20-year old college student, their lives still matter.

But for some reason, liberals think once an adult reaches a certain age, they are no longer considered “valuable” and therefore shouldn’t be given care.

When the truth is, we should be caring for those in society who are elderly – our parents, grandparents – those who came before us and provided the building blocks for us to build our families.

But radical environmentalists don’t see it that way.

They are more concerned about “saving the trees” than helping grandma fight cancer by receiving a life-saving surgery.

Just as liberals devalue unborn babies, their latest attack on the elderly shows a common theme – a disregard for life.

It should come as no surprise the Netherlands adheres to universal healthcare.

And with liberals rallying to force America into a socialist society, let this be a warning sign of what is to come here in America should we give up our freedoms.



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