China Coal Use Exploding

By Larry Hamlin – Re-Blogged From WUWT

In the scientifically unsupported wacky world of climate alarmism propaganda hype and media hysteria the public is threatened with claims that our country must commit economic and political suicide by abandoning all CO2 producing fossil fuel or man made climate change will destroy the earth.

The fact that this purely politically contrived scam is driven by projections from flawed and failed computer models which the U.N. IPCC long ago proclaimed as being unfeasible is dishonestly concealed from the public by climate alarmists and their media propaganda agents.


Also carefully cloaked from public view by the climate alarmist schemers is the fact that unlike the U.S. the world’s developing nations not only control the globes future growth of both energy use and CO2 emissions but also that future U.S. energy and emissions growth are irrelevant to the future global growth of both these criteria.


Additionally hidden from public view by climate alarmists supporters is the fact that not only are future U.S. energy use and emissions growth irrelevant to global growth that is driven by the world’s developing nations but that the U.S. is leading all nations in reducing CO2 emissions through its market driven energy policy that has been incredibly effective and successful unlike what has occurred with the failures of EU energy policy.


No other nation has been able to reduce CO2 emissions as much as the U.S. in the last decade with over 870 million metric tons in lower CO2 emissions achieved through 2017 from peak year 2007 levels with EIA projections of further increasing that to 1 billion metric tons in reductions by 2050.

By comparison the EU with leader Germany and its enormously costly “Energiewende” green transition program has managed only to achieve about 260 million metric tons of CO2 reductions in the last decade well below its original objectives.

EIA emissions projections show the U.S. achieving more than 6 times greater CO2 emissions reductions by 2050 versus the EU with its economically and energy flawed and failed schemes of government mandated use of costly and unreliable renewables.

The U.S. huge emission reductions have been achieved primarily by replacing coal fuel use with lower cost, higher efficiency and lower emission natural gas fuel obtained through use of fracking technology.

Climate alarmists also obscure from public view the recent major policy failure by the EU which had to dump and completely abandoned its plans for setting specific year 2050 climate alarmist targets and commitments for all EU nations.


Unlike the U.S. which has decreased coal use and emissions China which is dominating and leading the world’s growth in both energy use and emissions growth is now further accelerating its increased use of coal fuel as recently highlighted below where new data has exposed their changed energy policy of increased coal use.


“China has repeatedly pledged to reduce its reliance on coal, a major source of smog and climate-warming greenhouse gases, and it has cut coal’s share of its total energy mix to 59 percent, down from 68.5 percent in 2012.

But satellite images show China “quietly resumed” construction in 2018 on dozens of previously shelved plants, making it a “glaring exception to the global decline,” said a joint report by environmental groups Global Energy Monitor, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club.

The report warned that China could build an additional 290 GW of capacity, more than the whole of the United States’ coal capacity, and still remain within the 1,300-GW cap for national coal-fired power generation proposed by the China Electricity Council, an influential industry group.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission and its National Energy Administration did not immediately respond to faxed requests to comment on the conclusions of the report.”

China has taken these steps despite California’s phony political claims that China is the states partner in fighting “climate change.”

China’s new policy emphasis on increasing coal fuel use is of course masked from public view by the climate alarmist news media propaganda community.


China is by far the largest user of coal fuel as are the other nations of the Asia Pacific region which dominate global coal fuel use globally along with growing emissions that completely dominate total world CO2 emission levels.


China and the developing worlds hugely increasing and already dominate energy use and emissions levels, driven by coal fuel use, demonstrate how absolutely incompetence and contrived the “global” Paris Agreement was and is and conclusively demonstrate that this scheme was pure political gibberish intended to try and falsely justify increasing global power in the UN’s unelected elitist bureaucracy.

Here in the U.S. the dual climate alarmist conspiracies of scientifically unsupported alarmist claims based on nothing but speculation and conjecture from invalid computer models coupled with the global irrelevance of U.S. energy use and emissions growth along with concealing the U.S. global leading emissions reductions achievements expose the clear and diabolical political campaign underway by alarmists and their political allies that are trying to destroy our freedoms and opportunities to better our lives and the lives of our children and future generations.

The scheming and hysterical climate alarmists and their media enablers dishonestly conceal the U.S. global leading role in reducing emissions during the last decade, hide the additional U.S. emission reductions projected in the future, withhold from view the extraordinary benefits of our market driven energy policy which increases the use of natural gas to decrease coal fuel use, lower energy costs and improve energy efficiency, cover=up the pure speculation and conjecture underlying invalid computer model climate alarmist projections and suppress the fact that U.S. energy use and emissions and growth are irrelevant to global levels both now and even more so in the future.

Climate alarmists contrived and phony energy and emissions schemes and claims clearly deserve to be totally rejected and the sooner the better.


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