A Personal Note

By Bob Shapiro

Recently, my blog (including Facebook link) has been receiving many new followers & friends, including many from various countries around the world. Welcome!

Many readers have been with me since we started up a few years ago, and they have seen the material that I blog get – if not more technical – more expecting that you know more about the topic than you might know.

With all the new readers, I’ll try to include a few more pieces, or my comments within pieces, with some basics on these topics. So, today for example, I posted an article on Cosmic Ray collection by a group of students in California. I added a comment at the top explaining briefly why that’s important. (A much quieter sun the last decade or so means less solar wind, letting in more Cosmic Rays, which help form clouds & raindrops, affecting our weather & climate here on Earth.)

Also because of the surge of followers, especially through Facebook, I’ve started to receive an overwhelming number of personal message/chat requests. So many in fact that I could spend every waking moment messaging and still not respond to all requests.

While I am flattered by the attention, I do a tremendous amount of reading to find these good articles, I spend a lot of time singing or planning to sing (see link to video), I teach family members to make investments, I ‘invent’ things (one of which is a wind/gas hybrid power plant system, for which I’m building a proof of concept piece using PVC pipe), I ballroom dance with my wife of 50 years and with my daughter (see link to practice video), and fitting in all that and more between medical visits.

Thank you for enjoying and reading my blogs & re-blogs on topics that I find both interesting and important.


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