Is Denmark Socialist?

By Otto Brøns-Petersen – Re-Blogged From Prager University

Socialism has failed across the world – from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to China, Vietnam, North Korea and, most recently, Venezuela. So now the left references countries like Denmark as “proof” that socialism works. Otto Brons-Petersen explains why they’re wrong: Denmark is just as capitalist as the United States.

Please watch the video.


3 thoughts on “Is Denmark Socialist?

    • I was taught that the overall category is socialism, under which there are many flavors, certainly including crony capitalism. so, I’m not sure I agree with the video’s characterization of Denmark as not socialist, any more than I would for the US.

      The question for me is which flavor. Crony Capitalist might apply both to Denmark & the US, and/or Welfare State as well. Neither one is pure Capitalism, but there may not be more than 1-2 countries in the world today which would qualify.


      • In the so called “Communist countries with market economies”
        the elites (relatives of high ranking officials) own most things and can quickly change the “laws” to get whatever they want from ordinary people (Ask foreigners who worked there). You can check and see that poor “socialist” (authoritarian) countries have even wider wealth gaps than EU countries and their gaps are comparable to the US. Just read their boastings of having people in the World’s Rich List!

        The “Deep State” system of the US and the Crony Capitalism of Communist countries are an example of evolutionary convergence of two different government systems.

        The convergence is due to the inherent evil nature of humans in position of power: Power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely!


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