5 Ways to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

[Really good ideas, to which I’ve added suggestions of my own below. -Bob]

By Lynn Allison – Re-Blogged From Newsmax Health 

Drug prices are soaring but you can save money on your meds by following these tips from a leading expert.

According to NBC News, the cost of many popular prescription drugs has increased substantially in the U.S. during the past six years and experts say that the trend will continue.

In fact, the cost of 36 of the most popular brand-name drugs increased over 50% during that time period. Recent big pharma research shows that the cost of drugs for common conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer will continue to soar.

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

But there are ways to help you save money on prescription drugs, say experts.

“I realize that many people are shocked at the high price of their prescription drugs and sometimes are reluctant to refill their prescriptions,” Ronilee Shye, PharmD, a licensed pharmacist in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania tells GoodRx, a leading pharmaceutical website . “I want my patients to be healthy so I prepared this list of insider tips to help you, your wallet and your relationship with your pharmacist the next time you have to fill your prescription.”

  1. Price matching. Most pharmacies will match the cash price of a medication if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. Your pharmacy may need to confirm the price, so have the name and phone number of the less expensive pharmacy handy.
  2. Manufacturer discounts. If you take a brand-name drug, make sure to check its official website for a copay card before heading to your pharmacy. Double check the fine print because many of these cards are not available with Medicare or Medicaid.
  3. Prescription savings websites. These sites, like GoodRx, can help you save money on nearly every medication available. Whether you have insurance or not, you can often find lower prices, and it’s always a good idea to shop around, Shye says. [I’m a self-pay, and https://www.goodrx.com/ helped me find the lowest cost pharmacy near me, saving me a lot of money. -Bob]
  4. Mail-order pharmacies. Many insurance plans will offer a discount if you order your prescriptions through the plan’s mail-order pharmacy. Switching to a mail-order pharmacy usually requires getting a new prescription from your doctor and filling a three-month supply. [I’ve used https://www.healthwarehouse.com/customer/account/create and saved a lot of money. -Bob]
  5. Membership-based stores. Stores like Costco or Sam’s Club tend to offer lower prescription prices and you can use their pharmacies even without a membership.
  6. [Larger quantities, whether through mail service or locally usually are cheaper. So, if you’re a self pay taking a maintenance med that you expect to be on long term ask your doctor for for a year’s worth.. Most states allow up to a  year supply, except for narcotics. Just remember that if you stop taking the med, the amount left over can’t be returned. –Bob]
  7. [Many tablets come in more than one strength and also are scored to break easily. I initially was put on Metformin 500mg twice a day, so I asked the doctor for Metformin 1000mg and broke them in half to get the dosage the doctor the doctor originally wanted, which saved money. –Bob]
  8. [If you’re on a high cost cancer drug, as I am, see if your oncologist has a patient advocate department, who may be able to get deep discounts,. In my case, the patient advocate was able to get the drug for me at zero charge. –Bob.]

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