U.S. Media Conceal 4.5+ Billion Tons Increase of CO2 by Developing Nations – Push Meaningless “Sustainability” Propaganda Agenda

By Larry Hamlin – Re-Blogged From WUWT

In the politically contrived climate alarmist propaganda campaign by the U.S mainstream media there is no limit to the degree of distortion, deception and dishonesty employed in attempts to conceal from the public the reality of global energy use and resulting emissions that is underway in the world that clearly demonstrates their propaganda war of alarmism is already lost.

Global energy and emissions data through year 2018 documents that the world’s developing nations have increased CO2 emissions by over 4.5 billion metric tons during the last decade and now account for 64% of the global emissions total.

China and India accounted for over 67% of the developing nations CO2 emissions growth through the use of increased fossil fuel – predominately coal fuel where China and India accounted for about 88% of developing nations increased coal use during the decade.

The U.S. decreased its CO2 emissions by about 530 million metric tons during this same period, more than any other nation in the world, largely through substituting lower cost, reliable and more efficient natural gas in place of coal.

The developing nations increased CO2 emissions were over 8.5 times greater than the size of the significant U.S. reduction.

China is continuing to increase coal use with plans to build hundreds of new coal plants in the coming decade.


Perhaps China is emboldened to proceed with its energy fossil fuel growth plans based in part on the results of its latest scientific climate evidence which determined that temperatures measured their are impacted by Urban Heat Island effects and not CO2 driven warming as falsely projected by UN IPCC climate models. China’s climate scientists have concluded that

“A comparison versus China urbanization records demonstrates that the regions characterized by a large Tmin-Tmax divergence are also the most densely populated ones, such as north-east China, that have experienced a diffused and fast urbanization since the 1940s. The results are significant and may indicate the presence of a substantial uncorrected urbanization bias in the Chinese climate records. Under the hypothesis that Tmax is a better metric for studying climatic changes than Tmean or Tmin, we conclude that about 50% of the recorded warming of China since the 1940s could be due to uncorrected urbanization bias. In addition, we also find that the Tmax record from May to October over China shows the 1940s and the 2000s equally warm, in contrast to the 1 °C warming predicted by the CMIP5 models.”


Despite the huge increased coal use by the developing nations during the last decade that were led by China (which also dominated global growth in CO2 emissions) which has plans for yet more coal plants in the future the U.S. media continues to conceal these outcomes from the public with an orchestrated propaganda campaign claiming that the U.S. and China are partners in “fighting climate change” as highlighted in the absurd article below.


The U.S. climate alarmist propaganda campaign is led by high profile political and government officials in concert with the alarmist media that are concealing from the public that the world, led by the developing nations, has significantly increased its use of fossil fuels and announced that it will continue to do so in the future. This propaganda campaign also conceals the unequivocal fact that the developing nations overwhelming dominate global energy use and emissions.

This propaganda campaign provides no specifics regarding how it will achieve its claims other than to create a bunch of “zero emissions” nonsense built around the trite political slogan of “sustainability.”


Another article addressing this “sustainability” slogan appeared in the Los Angeles Times regarding insurance rates in California relative to future sea level rise and wildfire outcomes which of course the Times asserts without scientific evidence are due to “climate change.”


The Times article made the same tired and scientifically unsupported claims of “9 foot” future sea level rise and increased wildfires based on climate change both of which are nothing but propaganda claims based on nothing but speculation and conjecture.

Decades of coastal sea level rise data show California is experiencing no sea level rise acceleration and that claims of accelerating sea level rise made in hearings before Congress in 1988 were wrong.



Additionally an evaluation of California’s wildfires by the Legislative Analyst Office concluded that there were extensive and pervasive failures on the part of the state that led to extremely poor forest management outcomes that occurred for decades that resulted in increased wildfires.


The examples below highlight just two many problem areas where the states forest management failures led to hugely decreased levels forest thinning and the waste of billions of dollars being spent on forest fire fighting instead of forest fire prevention through competent forest management actions.



The climate alarmist propaganda war to fabricate government entities that would control global energy use and emissions has failed. The world’s developing nations have taken control of their own energy and emissions destiny and as such have taken control of the world’s energy use and emissions outcomes because of their complete dominance in these global measures.

They have achieved this result without giving up their autonomy and decision making authority to illegitimate global government political schemers.


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