A Majority of Americans Believe OTHER People Should Make Climate Sacrifices

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Nobody seems to mind, if a “Green” clocks up a lot of air miles.

According to The Federalist, a majority of Americans believe climate action is a priority – as long as it doesn’t impact their lifestyle choices.

Americans Say They Care About Climate Change, But Don’t You Dare Ban Air Travel

Nowhere in the list of things that voters liked that should be done to cope with the ‘national emergency’ were measures that would affect their lifestyles or choices.

By Jonathan S. Tobin FEBRUARY 4, 2020

According to some polls, Americans generally agree with 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg that the threat of climate change is a national emergency. A survey taken by Yale and George Mason universities this past fall reported that 62 percent of registered voters would approve of a president declaring a national emergency to deal with global warming.

A majority of those polled said they approved of a laundry list of government actions designed to punish the fossil fuel industry and encourage other sources of energy as well as providing tax rebates to citizens who did things like erect solar panels on their homes or purchased energy-efficient vehicles.

But nowhere in the list of things that should be done to cope with the “national emergency” that voters liked were measures that would affect their lifestyles or choices.

So while Thunberg — Time magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year — continues to be covered by the mainstream media as a latter day Joan of Arc, there is little evidence that many people are actually seeking to follow her example. They may weep and cheer when she demonstrates contempt for the democratic process and excoriates her elders for failing to adopt her diktats without debate, as she has done at conferences at Davos and the United Nations.

But on actions that will supposedly save the planet from burning up within 18 months (or whatever the current consensus about the best date to use to scare people into declaring a national emergency happens to be), few Americans seem willing to be like Greta. That’s good news for the travel industry but bad news for those who take the global warming movement’s predictions of doom seriously.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2020/02/04/americans-say-they-care-about-climate-change-but-dont-you-dare-ban-air-travel/

Setting aside the question of whether the survey result accurately reflects public opinion, this disconnect between belief and action reminds me of a conversation I had a long time ago with a Marxist.

He complained some people make too much money, that rich people should have to share their income, so everyone got an equal slice of the pie.

So I said “You make a more money than most people in Africa, more money than a lot of people in Australia. Why don’t you set an example, and give a share of your income to poor people?”

He replied “No. Every country has an appropriate level of income, what I earn is about the money everyone should earn in Australia”.

As far as I can tell this self centered attitude is as ubiquitous amongst climate believers as it is in leftist and Marxist groups.

I am not suggesting Americans who are concerned about climate change are all Marxists, but nobody in their right mind fights for a reduction in their personal living standards. It is always people higher up the ladder who are expected to make the biggest sacrifices. Those preaching climate action hardly ever think about those less fortunate than themselves, who think of the middle class climate activists themselves as a potential sacrifice.

Since most advocates of climate action genuinely believe they are already doing their bit, they usually utterly reject the idea they are climate hypocrites, even if they are woke celebrities who spend half their life flying about in a private jet.


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