The Covid Lockdown and CO2

By Kip Hansen  —  Re-Blogged From WUWT

There has been a lot of talk in the press and from talking heads claiming that the Covid lockdown has “reduced emissions” (power plants cutting back on power generations, factories closed, populations ordered to stay home, most airplanes grounded) and talk encouraging that government Covid recovery packages, should support only companies and projects “which decouple economic growth from GHG emissions”.  The “Build Back Better” movement.

It is true that emissions from human sources – automobiles, factories, power plants, etc. – have been reduced by the multitude of nations that have sacrificed their economies in the [misguided] belief that doing so “saves lives”.


But the idea that the Worldwide Covid Lockdown has had any effect on atmospheric CO2 concentrations is simply not true.

Here is the data, from the world’s most trusted monitor of atmospheric CO2:


Despite the dreams of the anti-human element of the Climate Cabal, which seems to have been hoping that the Covid Lockdown would destroy enough of to human society to allow the Radical Greens to dictate the “post-apocalypse recovery plan”  — there has been no apocalypse (there has been an economic downturn…by definition, they turned down the economy), the lockdown hasn’t even made a dent, not even a tiny slowdown, in the growth atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

That is, this year, through May, looks precisely like each of the previous four years.   You might be asking:  “How can that be?”  — factories closed, cars off the road, power plants just ticking over…..

[ If you don’t like this chart, try the Daily and Weekly Chart  — it shows the same thing. ]


[ Above image added 0945 ET May 15 2020 — too many people complaining about resolution of the first graph — apparently too lazy to click the link provided. ]

Maybe, just maybe, anthropogenic  emissions just don’t make that big of a contribution to the increase….Maybe abandoning fossil fuels and all the advantages of modern society isn’t a solution to rising CO2.


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