American Purge: Scores of White People Lose Their Jobs and Have Their Lives Ruined For Not Supporting Anti-White Riots

Religious social media personality Timothy Gordon was terminated from his theology teaching position by Catholic clerics at Garces Memorial High School after criticizing the Black Lives Matter platform as anti-family and violent. While Gordon has yet to apologize, he made sure to stress that “there is no place for racism” in the “new American right.”

A Southern Baptist figure, Reagan Escude, was fired by her local employer in Natchitoches, Louisiana for making a video criticizing left-wing extremists from a biblical perspective.

These are high profile cases the media has reported on, but working class white people are being hit especially hard. The purge is thorough and ruthless, and no white target is being spared. Ray Robles King, the father of a 2-year-old girl currently battling cancer, was fired by his boss at American Ironworks & Erectors for posting a video critical of the criminals burning down our cities.

The few institutions white people have until now relied on to preserve their liberty, dignity and physical safety are on the side of the black and anarchist extremists: the Republican party, virtually all the churches, even the military and police.

Despite potentially exculpatory evidence in George Floyd’s autopsy, District Court Judge Jeannice Reding raised accused police officer Derek Chauvin’s bail from $750,000 to $1.25 million. Judge Reding is a lesbian and a gay activist in the Minnesota Lavender Bar Association, making a fair trial unlikely.

It is now a de facto crime for a person of European descent to publicly give an opinion that contradicts the neo-liberal narrative on “systematic racism.”

The biggest losers during this seismic shift in American history are the conservative institutions, who have been thoroughly discredited in the eyes of their overwhelmingly white audience.

In a recent piece on The American Conservative, veteran conservative columnist Robert W. Merry threw his hands up in impotence.

“When the political reaction comes, as it inevitably will, it will come on little cat feet. And the nation’s elites, secure in the thought that the systemic racism charge has worked brilliantly in intimidating any lingering dissenters into submission, won’t see it coming.” wrote Merry.

On Trump, he said “It’s an open question whether this can help Donald Trump in November. His is a failed presidency, and the collective electorate seldom rewards failed presidencies with retention in office.”

He finished his piece with an ominous warning to other gatekeepers in Washington  “…down the road, as the issue intensifies and as white Americans feel increasingly beleaguered by the left’s identity politics and disdain for Middle America, as more demonstrations and riots ensue with more destructive force, a counter-movement will emerge. It likely will approach the body politic as quietly as Sandberg’s fog. But, once it arrives, it won’t stay quiet for long.”

In Weimerica, white depoliticization is no longer an option.



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