Aussie Royal Commission to Investigate how Climate Activists “Hijacked” Forestry Management

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From WUWT

CSIRO Project Aquarius experimental fire Block 20, 1/3/83, McCorkhill, WA. Fire emerging from block 1 hour after ignition. Crowning of intermediate tree layer. Intensity 7500 kW/m, rate of spread 800-1000 m/h. CSIRO [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

He said the pushing of a climate change agenda by “lefties and greenies” has meant massive amounts of fuel has been allowed to build.

The royal commission will no doubt explore the link between climate change and the fires, and will also investigate how we allowed the green movement to hijack back burns.

“This royal commission cannot be politicised. It’s in all our interest to get it right, because bushfires are here to stay and we’ve got to do this better”.

Source (Watch the Sky News Video):

Before anyone dismisses this sky news claim as empty media hype, here is what the New South Wales Volunteer Fire Fighters Association had to say about back burns and green interference in March last year.

Green ideology, not climate change, makes bushfires worse

March 5, 2019

Melissa Price, the new federal Environment Minister, has done untold political damage to a government already divided over climate action by spouting idiotic green propaganda about Victoria’s bushfires.

On Tuesday, she linked the fires to climate change, claiming there is “no doubt” of its impact on Australia.

“There’s no doubt that there’s many people who have suffered over this summer. We talk about the Victorian bushfires … There’s no doubt that climate change is having an impact on us. There’s no denying that.”

Sorry, minister, it wasn’t climate change that caused the latest bushfires which have so far destroyed nine homes in Victoria, and it wasn’t climate change that killed almost 200 people in the Black Saturday fires ten years ago.

The real culprit is green ideology which opposes the necessary hazard reduction of fuel loads in national parks and which prevents landholders from clearing vegetation around their homes.

Read more:

A royal commission finding against greens is not a foregone conclusion – greens can also muster impressive figures to provide opposing expert testimony, so it is anyones guess which way the final judgement will go.

Sky News host Peter Gleeson also blamed climate change as well as greens, so the final judgement of the Royal Commission could be that climate change and greens are to blame.

But this is a step forward. Allegations of green interference in forestry management are now well and truly out in the open.

Next time some faceless Australian government bureaucrat rules people cannot protect their own land from fires by clearing vegetation, they better be sure their decision is justified, because they will not be able to hide; it won’t take much effort for landowners to attract the attention of high profile media figures like Sky News Peter Gleeson, to shine the spotlight of public attention on individual cases of alleged green interference.

Aussie bush fuel load
Fuel load in the Aussie bush; a tinderbox waiting for a spark. The above photo was taken a few minutes drive from my house. Author Eric Worrall


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