Gold and COVID-19

[Here’s a post from a guy I read occasionally. His style (to say the least) is quite over-the-top. Believe what you choose and discard the rest.  –Bob]

By Jim Willie – Re-Blogged From Gold Eagle

The entire global financial structure is in the process of faltering, breaking, and crumbling. It is better described as sabotage by the Globalist cabal in league with their fascist partners. As the entire economy fractures, as all debt faces failure, as most assets break down, as countless households struggle, the King Dollar faces a certain sunset, true safe haven will be uniformly sought. Correspondingly, the Gold price is ready to launch onward and upward. It will light the fuse on the Silver price in sequence. Demand will skyrocket, while supply has been limited. Behold the greatest fraud and hoax in the history of mankind behind the corona virus. It is named after the Queen of England, a primary funding partner. She filed a corona virus patent in December 2018, from engineered creation. The COVID-19 entity is far more a fascist project to force political change than actually a virus at all. The disease is a mirage, and exaggerated agent of deep fear and fright. Let it be known that not 5% of the population know what a virus is, how it works, the method to identify, or the best prevention. Ignorance is a great ally to the global cabal.


  1. Real Rate of Interest is Negative
  • Official interest rate minus true CPI inflation is huge negative
  • It has never been at such an extreme negative
  • Savings earn big negative corrosive interest
  1. Staggering Monetary Growth has Ruined Money
  • Never has money supply grown so fast in history
  • This year’s expansion equals the past two administrations
  • Refer to US and global basis
  1. Trust is Gone along with Prestige for King Dollar
  • Long gone is United States as defender of freedom
  • US has converted to predator nation since 9/11
  • Global reaction has been to de-Dollarize their systems
  1. Western Economies are Dependent on Central Banks
  • Central banks are dispensing staggering relief (stimulus, aid)
  • Economies have been converted to wards of the state
  • Without the support, several nations would collapse
  1. All USD-based Bonds and ETFunds are being Redeemed
  • United States is calling home all USD-based debt for redemption
  • Exchange Traded Funds contain enormous risk from arbitrage
  • Next could be Emerging Market Debt
  1. Mining Sector is Stalled with Many Shutdowns
  • Primary silver producer nations have joined the shutdowns
  • Silver supply is way down, only to open upon higher prices
  • South Africa has shut down some gold mines
  • Precious Metals supply chain is unofficially on strike
  1. Central Bank Reserves are Converting from Bonds to Gold
  • Done quietly among many nations, blocking retail supply
  • Usage of double accounting books common
  • They prepare for return to solvency with Gold reserves
  1. Digital Currencies are Evolving Toward Gold Backing
  • Construction of usage and rules has taken form
  • Gold Trade Note will be embedded in BlockChain structure
  • Hard asset backing comes next
  1. Chaos is Building on a Worldwide Basis
  • Globalist fascists promote disorder across entire economies
  • Primary protest groups are actually anarchists in action
  • All rules are harmful, while vaccination will be lethal
  1.  Almost All Assets are Turning to Worthless Drivel
  • Economic shutdowns have laid waste to numerous capital types
  • Systemic undermining of asset values by decree (sabotage)


Social Distance rules are intended to facilitate satellite systems of locating individual persons, using the planned inserted chip ID. A vast tracking system is in the planning stages, like human cattle. The rule also limits the benefits for human interaction, such as contact, affection, and social touching. Human people need the social contact. The rule has nothing to do with safety from public contagion.

Face Mask rules are intended to increase ingestion of microbes (bacteria, viruses) and to reduce oxygen flow to the brain. Worse, the collection of microbes can facilitate the movement of dangerous microbes directly to the brain. Also, microbes cannot be dispelled via standard means, nor from coughing or sneezing. The rule has nothing to do with preventing infection to neighboring persons. In fact, the mask can be viewed as a fascist Badge of Conformity, or as the Jackass prefers a Badge of Stupidity. Doctors have begun to criticize the mask rule and point to its risks. Many people use cotton masks, whose density is 1000 times inadequate for the micron-sized viruses. The rule has nothing to do with safety from public contagion.

Stay at Home rules are intended to induce people to quietly miss work, lose income, and die a slow death, while the authorities wreck the economies on a systemic basis. People not working suffer gradual debilitation from inactivity. While stuck at home, they are not demonstrating against the governors and ministers of health, in objection to corrupt harmful edicts. People require the public assembly and mixing in order to benefit from the herd immunity effect. The rule has nothing to do with safety from public contagion.

COVID Data on Major Media Networks is a ruse. Back in March and April, the televised data used to feature CORONA CASES. As May and June were entered, the televised data has featured COVID-19 CASES in a subtle switch. Some study easily reveals that the COVID data includes corona, SARS, MERS, pneumonia, and strong influenza, but not the common cold. Therefore, the officials more easily maintain high case counts and high death counts. They broadened the data category, without telling the public, a standard Switcharoo. Better yet, call it Bait & Switch. The official data has no bearing on reality of infection, and is used to justify continued shutdown. Standard nasty influenza is now used to justify continued economic shutdown and tremendous capital loss. The official data has nothing to do with a deadly virus. In fact, the death rate is around 0.2% and the total pulmonary virus deaths this year are less than last year. No pandemic!

Corona Test Method is a horrendous joke. Identification of virus type is extremely difficult, not easily done, and not done with any cheap inexpensive swab or litmus test. Officials prefer to use the simple inaccurate methods, which produce huge false positives. The PCR method actually works to detect antibodies and antigens which indicate the bodily attempt to reject virus and defense against the infection and even against toxins. It can be concluded that anyone with any influenza of strong type in the last three to five years will have such natural defense antibodies present. Therefore, the current test can be viewed as a test of being standard human. Most people will register a positive corona test outcome, since human, from regularly fighting microbes of various types. Other PCR methods are used to detect certain protein fragments with excessive magnification cycles, like 39 to 40 cycles, an arbitrary very high number. The fragments, however, are common to numerous types of virus, not just corona. The test is wholly inadequate and highly fraudulent. A cynic might state that the disease which the Globalists wish to identify is that of being human, and their cure can be thought of as extermination. The current test does not measure presence of corona, but instead is much more a measure of being standard human on the healthy defense.

Death Logic is fallacious on its face. It goes like this. There must be a pandemic since people are dying, and certain friends of the family actually died. Therefore it must be corona, since the news networks repeat on a daily basis the outbreak of virus. Last year, far more people died of standard harsh influenza than this year. But this year, the officials call everything corona, including strokes, heart attacks, gunshot wounds, car crashes, drug overdoses, and broken arms. For a death to occur does not imply a corona case and event. The logic is laughable, and the official bribery is obvious. Yet it is more sinister since the doctors are calling the cases corona, and signing death certificates as corona. The logic is empty. These cases are in the great majority actually types of influenza. The type corona has become the all-inclusive category for official convenience, and for fascist expedience. Lately, the type COVID-19 has become a handy accounting tool to cover a wide variety of influenza while the public remains ignorant and unaware.

The planned corona vaccine by the Globalist cabal will contain exactly zero preventative elements, zero system boosters, since no attenuated virus or fragments will be included. In fact, the corona virus has yet to be isolated. Corona qualifies as a medical boogeyman to the extreme. Instead, the vaccine will contain a sophisticated serum for enabling cellular invasion, leading potentially to alteration of the human chromosome helix. It will contain the ID2020 chip, useful in tracking the human population. It is widely expected that the designed globalist vaccine will kill at least one-third of humanity. As deaths from vaccine grow in number, the globalist response will be an urgent redoubling of the vaccination procedures, which would accelerate the deaths from vaccine.


Invoke the Nuremberg Code to refuse the Globalist cabal vaccine. Sovereign nations must reject the vaccine procedure on this basis. More publicity is required to expose the plan and the true nature of the corona vaccine. The Gates Foundation and Big Pharma are currently being exposed for nefarious motives and deeds. The Supreme Court in late June ruled that the USGovt failed to prove the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Their common procedures on extremely vulnerable babies will soon come to an end. The legal immunity granted to the Big Pharma firms must be revoked and rescinded. Conspiracy to commit genocide must be demonstrated and prosecuted.



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