Green Paranoia

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Renewable energy does not deliver a useful product, but some greens appear to be having trouble accepting this simple simple explanation for why the green revolution is faltering.

Climate change action stymied by Australian business lobby, UK think tank finds

By The Business host Elysse Morgan
Posted Yesterday at 9:01pm, updated Yesterday at 10:14pm

A UK-based climate think tank has named the Minerals Council of Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the NSW Minerals Council as the three organisations most responsible for undermining climate policy in Australia.

Key points:

  • A new report finds the Minerals Council of Australia is the “single largest negative influence on Australian climate-related policy”
  • The Business Council of Australia, two state-based minerals councils and the main oil and gas lobby group are also fingered in the report
  • InfluenceMap, which wrote the report, has previously found Australia’s climate policies are consistent with a 3-4 degrees Celsius temperature rise

Mining giants BHP, Santos, Rio Tinto and Glencore were found to have the most concentrated network of links to industry associations that “continue to work against Paris-aligned policy for Australia”.

The new report was written by InfluenceMap, which was launched shortly before the Paris Agreement in 2015 and provides data and analysis to major shareholders and investors on how businesses are affecting climate policy around the world.

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Why do I believe the anti-renewable conspiracy theories are baseless?

Simple. Renewable Energy is happening all around us.

Compare building new renewable installations to say getting approval for a new coal mine. The approval process for the gigantic Australian Adani coal mine has dragged on since 2010. The owners are only now seeing some hope for a return on their persistence.

In the time the Adani approval process has lingered, many new renewable installations have been proposed, approved and constructed. Bureaucrats practically fall over themselves to approve renewable projects. Yet somehow climate activists still see evidence of shadowy conspiracies to impede progress.

If people who criticise the green revolution were having a significant impact on the progress of renewables, it would be the other way around – coal would receive an easy ride, while renewable project approvals would be mired in bureaucracy.

Renewable energy is failing to take over the world because it does not work. The technology is simply not up to the job of delivering reliable, affordable energy.

No matter how much government assistance an industry receives, at some point it has to deliver something of value. But Renewables have no value to offer. All renewables deliver is economically damaging electricity price rises and grid instability.

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