Hamburg, Germany Shuts Down a 5 Year Old Coal Plant

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From WUWT

h/t Krishna Gans – According to the German climate website Kalte Sonne, the renewables obsessed German and city of Hamburg governments intend to shut down local coal and nuclear power plants, but have no serious plan to make up the resulting energy shortfall.

Port of Hamburg, Germany
Port of Hamburg, Germany. Emma7stern, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hamburg’s large power plant Moorburg is shut down – after 5 years of operation

 from cold sun

The decision announced by the Federal Network Agency, according to which the coal-fired power station Moorburg will cease power production after 5 years of operation by the operator Vattenfall, will make the power supply in northern Germany a lot less secure. Because on December 31st In 2021, the Brokdorf nuclear power plant will also be shut down due to the Nuclear Energy Phase- Out Act .

After that there are no more large power plants in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein that could compensate for the strong fluctuations in wind and solar energy. That was the main reason of the construction of the 1600 MW large power plant Moorburg how’s then First Mayor Olaf Scholz in the remarkable inauguration speech stated :

“The prosperity of an industrial society depends to a large extent on whether it succeeds in generating or procuring the required energy and keeping it available. In such a way that it is firstly available to companies and consumers with a secure supply, secondly: economically, thirdly: sustainably and environmentally friendly … Hamburg also and above all has many electricity-intensive large consumers and the city is proud to have them at the location. She cannot and does not want to do without them. Whether steel, copper and aluminum, but also aircraft construction or scientific companies such as the German electron synchrotron, DESY, they would all have a difficult time in Hamburg without a reliable and inexpensive power supply …reliably and with a high degree of utilization of what we can extract from the earth. “

From the end of 2021, the fate of Hamburg’s electricity supply will depend on five high-voltage lines in the west, east and south of Germany. Hamburg’s industry alone consumes an unbelievably large amount of 11 million megawatt hours of electricity every year. The jug goes to water until it breaks.

Read more (German): (Translated)

I feel sorry for the workers in Hamburg, and all the heavy industry entrepreneurs in Hamburg who over the years have given everything to provide jobs and opportunities to Hamburg’s people, with a misplaced confidence that German authorities would take care of them.

Trust building is a slow process. Once lost, trust is not easily restored.


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