Science and Nonscience

By Neil Lock – Re-Blogged From

Today, I’m going to write about science. This won’t be a technical paper. It won’t be full of numbers or equations. Instead, I’m going to look at science from the generalist point of view. I’m going to ask questions like: What is science? How useful is it to the making of decisions, including political ones? And, how can we tell good science from bad?

What is science?

According to Webster’s, science is: “knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws.”

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He Should Be in Politics

By Mac King – Re-Blogged From

The Magical Rope Trick

Magician Mac King demonstrates how to perform The Rope Trick that will leave you baffled and confused. He is so good at this that other magicians have never been able to spot how Mac pulls this off. It’s knot easy to perform a magic trick with a rope so I have to imagine that many a magician would like to be as good as Mac is. If you enjoyed this magic video you might also like to see The Best Card Trick Ever!

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Washington Post Ominously Warns That Bitcoin Is Being Used By ‘Extremist Groups’

By Michael Snyder – Re-Blogged From

Demonization is the first step toward making something illegal.  Over the past couple of months, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have experienced a tremendous surge in popularity.  Personally, I was completely floored the other day when my nephew wanted to ask me questions about investing in Bitcoin.  It seems like the whole world is getting caught up in the cryptocurrency revolution, and needless to say, the powers that be cannot be thrilled about this.  Independently-controlled cryptocurrencies represent an existential threat to the global debt-based central banking system that we have today, and so the elite have a very strong incentive to bring about the demise of Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies.

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‘Artificial Pancreas’ Works During Intense Exercise

By Thomson Reuters – Re-Blogged From Newsmax

An “artificial pancreas” that monitors blood sugar and automatically delivers insulin may make it safer for teens with Type 1 diabetes to participate in sports, a U.S. study suggests.

Researchers focused on a group of 32 teens with Type 1 diabetes who participated in a five-day skiing camp, spending about five hours a day on the slopes. Half of the athletes used an artificial pancreas, also known as a closed-loop insulin delivery system; the rest wore their regular insulin pumps and administered insulin themselves using a so-called open loop system.

With the artificial pancreas, participants had blood sugar levels in a healthy range about 71 percent of the time, compared with 65 percent of the time among teens using the open-loop system, researchers report in Diabetes Care.

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HELP! I need a Selenium guru.

   By Bob Shapiro

I need some help.

I’m writing some business software for myself in JAVA. One piece, written in Selenium, connects to my bank’s web site, to automate the Bill Pay function.

It was working – and then my bank changed their web site to load using Javascript. So now my Selenium piece is broken, and I’ve spent a couple of weeks trying to fix it, to no avail.

If any of you is a Selenium guru, if you can fix it for me I’ll pay you for your time and give a big thank you.

Please contact me at and I’ll send specifics.

Thanks in advance.

Blockchain is More Than Bitcoin

By Chris San Filippo

[Chris works for Anchor Free, a VPN provider. -Bob]

Blockchain Technology Is Surging In Popularity

Blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin and a host of other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain contains a ledger which holds all previous transactions. The computers that process these transactions are called “miners,” and exist as a decentralized network throughout the world. With the blockchain, internet users can send money across the world without the need for a bank. The funds can settle in an hour or less, while international bank wires can take days to complete.

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