Nano Aluminium Offers Fuel Cells on Demand – Just Add Water

By David Hambling – Re-Blogged From New Scientist

The accidental discovery of a novel aluminium alloy that reacts with water in a highly unusual way may be the first step to reviving the struggling hydrogen economy. It could offer a convenient and portable source of hydrogen for fuel cells and other applications, potentially transforming the energy market and providing an alternative to batteries and liquid fuels.

“The important aspect of the approach is that it lets you make very compact systems,” says Anthony Kucernak, who studies fuel cells at Imperial College London and wasn’t involved with the research. “That would be very useful for systems which need to be very light or operate for long periods on hydrogen, where the use of hydrogen stored in a cylinder is prohibitive.”

Refuelling hydrogen vehicle
Hydrogen could provide an alternative to battery power

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty


Job Cuts at Rio Tinto, Australia’s Largest Aluminum Smelter

By Rachel Clun – Re-Blogged From The Sydney Morning Herald

Gladstone’s Boyne Island aluminium smelter is set to shed jobs and cut $100 million-worth of production because of soaring Queensland power prices.

Boyne Smelters Ltd general manager Joe Rea said it was the second time in three years the facility had cut production due to “uncompetitive electricity prices”.

Boyne Smelters Ltd is set to shed jobs and cut production due to "uncompetitive" power prices.

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