‘BETO’S’ PLAN: Law Enforcement Would ‘Visit’ Homes to Confiscate Guns

[The 2nd Amendment declares in very strong language that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms “…shall not be infringed.” A case can be made that both Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke (and other gun control advocates) are calling for Treason. –Bob]

‘Recover that firearm and to make sure that it is purchased, bought back…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) After clashing with Pete Buttigieg over gun control policy during last night’s Democratic primary, Robert Francis O’Rourke (“Beto”) admitted this morning that he’d enforce his mandatory buyback of so-called “assault-style” rifles by allowing law enforcement to go door-to-door.

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An Escalating War On Cash

By John Browne – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

On February 16th, The Washington Post printed the article, “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.” This came on the heels of a CNNMoney item, the day before, entitled “Death of the 500 euro bill getting closer.” The former cited a recent Harvard Kennedy School working paper, No. 52 by Senior Fellow Peter Sands, concluding that the abolition of high denomination notes would help deter “tax evasion, financial crime, terrorist finance and corruption.” In recent days, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, ECB President Mario Draghi, and even the editorial board of the New York Times, came out in support of the elimination of large currency notes. Apart from the question as to why these calls are being raised now with such frequency, the larger issue is whether these moves are actually needed or if they merely a subterfuge for more complex economic manipulations by central banks to extend control over private wealth.

In early 2015, it was reported that Spain had already limited private cash transactions to 2,500 euros. Italy and France set limits of 1,000 euros. In France, all cash withdrawals in excess of 10,000 euros in a single month must be reported to government agencies. In the U.S., such limits are $10,000 per withdrawal. China, India and Sweden are among those with plans under way to eradicate cash.

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The War On Cash Is About To Go Into Hyperdrive

By Graham Summers – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

The global Central Banks have declared War on Cash.

Historically, one of the safest things to do when the markets begin to collapse is to move a significant portion of your holdings to cash. As the old adage says, during times of deflation, “cash is king.”

The notion here is that cash is a safe haven. And while earning 1-2% in interest doesn’t do much in terms of growing your wealth, it sure beats losing 20%+ by holding on to stocks or bonds during their respective bear markets

However, in today’s world of fiat-based Central Planning, cash represents a REAL problem for the Central Banks.

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