A Weight-Loss Injection? Human Trial Successful

By Clyde Hughes – Re-Blogged From Newsmax Health

A weight loss injection that mimics gastric bypass surgery was proven effective in a human trial conducted by scientists at London’s Imperial College. It’s being called “the most exciting” advance ever in treating obesity.

The researchers said patients participating in the trial ate about 30 percent less food after being treated with the hormone injection, The Telegraph reported, and in some cases patients were able to ditch their diabetes medication because of the resulting weight loss.

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7 Health Myths You Should Not Believe Anymore

By Romit Malhotra


Vitamin C doesn’t protect from cold, diabetes doesn’t affect elders only, and your microwave doesn’t destroy the nutrients. And so many more health myths you should not believe anymore.)

Do you believe that carrots improve vision? Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Or you fear that microwave can kill the nutrients in your food?

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Life-Extending Discovery Renews Debate Over Aging as a ‘Disease’

By – Re-Blogged From Seeker

Even if a new drug proves to prolong human life, it won’t receive regulatory approval for that purpose unless the FDA accepts that aging is a treatable medical condition.

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