World Record Set for Personal Flying Suit Speed

By Adriana Navarro – Re-Blogged From AccuWeather

Within seconds, inventor Richard Browning, 40, knew he could defy gravity. In November 2016, the founder of Gravity Industries sustained a six-second flight with an Iron Man-like flying suit.

“I start to lift off and then I remember it was just this constant battle between two voices, one going, ‘Oh my God, oh my God. What’s going on? Land it,'” Browning said on his website. “And the other voice screaming at me going, ‘But we’re doing it. Keep going.'”

It had started out as an “admittedly crazy” project that he didn’t tell many people about and his wife patiently tolerated, he said in a WIRED video. But from that moment, it became an invention that would make make him known today as almost a superhero.

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