Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Agenda Is Breaking Russia’s Grip On Poland

By Tim Pearce From The Daily Caller – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Tim Pearce | Energy Reporter

Natural gas from the U.S. is flooding Polish markets as the European country seeks to loosen Russia’s grip on its energy security, The New York Times reports.

Russia supplies roughly half of Poland’s fuel, but long-term contracts with American companies signed by Poland’s state-owned gas giant PGNiG could displace all of Russia’s supply. U.S.-based companies Cheniere Energy, Venture Global LNG and Sempra Energy have all signed agreements with Poland in the last six months.

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Trying to Understand the Syrian Puzzle from Three Different Dimensions

Re-Blogged From The Middle East News Service

The Syrian Civil War has been transformed into a regional and -more recently- an international conflict. Its international background took a new form when Russia decided to undertake its own aistrikes operations in Syria with the aid of Iran and Iraq.

The Cold war’s two pole international system- USA vs Russia and satellites– is no longer relevant just as the map of this world’s geopolitics designed in the aftermath of the communism’s fall. Today we cannot explain an event through only one cause and effect relationship. There are many interpretations which overlap, contradict and complete each other. This is especially true regarding the Syrian crisis, that rising of ISIS (Daech) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq and the direct or indirect intervention of regional powers and external powers in the region.

current situation in syria map october 2015

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