Gold-Stock Upside Huge

By Adam Hamilton – Re-Blogged From

The gold miners’ stocks have huge upside potential in 2018, likely the best among stock-market sectors. They really lagged gold last year, so a major mean-reversion catch-up rally is coming. The gold miners are universally ignored and deeply undervalued relative to the metal which drives their profits. And gold itself is likely to power dramatically higher this year as euphoric record-high stock markets inevitably start to falter.

Gold has always been the leading contrarian investment, tending to move counter to stock markets. So not surprisingly investment demand stalled last year as the extreme taxphoria-fueled stock surge blasted relentlessly higher. When stock markets apparently do nothing but rally indefinitely, investors feel no need to prudently diversify their portfolios with the anti-stock trade gold. So they ignored the yellow metal in 2017.

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